Zero Motorcycles officially launched in Indonesia 


Unveiled Flagship Showroom in Jakarta to coincide with launch

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JAKARTA, 12 June 2015 —— After holding a series of pre-launch activities related to consumers and media in Jakarta, Bali and Surabaya during December 2014 until May 2015, today PT Garansindo Technologies launched the first premium electric motor in Indonesia, Zero Motorcycles. At the same time, they also unveiled the Flagship Showroom of Zero Motorcycles in Indonesia featuring the entire line-up of Zero Motorcyces, namely Zero FX, S, DS and SR, which is located on Jl. Kemang Utara No. 28, South Jakarta, tel +62 21 71792049.

“Zero Motorcycles is the first premium electric motorcycle in Indonesia which has a high-performance, cutting-edge technology and is environmentally friendly. Garansindo as Authorised General Distributor of Zero Motorcycles has received a positive response from fans of premium motorcycles in Indonesia and also proud of this launch,“ said Muhammad Al Abdullah, CEO Garansindo Group.

“The opening of the Zero Motorcycles flagship showroom in Indonesia signifies our seriousness in developing its business throughout Asia. Indonesia is a good market for Zero Motorcycles and maximum exposure by Garansindo Technologies has strengthened the relationship between the two companies,“ said Phillip Wilkinson, Director of Sales – Asia Pacific, Zero Motorcycles.

Zero Motorcycles was first launched in 2006, in Santa Cruz, California, United States of America has been a pioneer in the development of large motorcycles in the world by presenting a line-up of products that can be used by a large motorcycle enthusiasts to government agencies, such as the police in the United States using Zero Motorcycles DS as well as the Special Forces or the United States Military Zero Motorcycles FX which uses in a wide variety of law enforcement operations as well as the security of the country.

“The riding experience of Zero Motorycles is different from other motorcycles, and has a powerful sprinting performance of 0-100km/h in 3.3 seconds, and the distance up to 300 km and at the same time produce a Zero Emission so it is very environmentally friendly,“ said Rieva Muchsin, President, Garansindo Technologies.

Zero Maintenance

Zero Motorcycles has advantages compared with other conventional motorcycles because it does not require regular maintenance in general, such as the replacement of engine oil, clutch, spark plug, petrol and oil filter. Care is needed only for routine inspection and performing some adjustment.

Z-Force® Motor; Instant Torque. Impressive Power. Incredible Efficiency

Z-Force® Electric engineering motor developed by Zero Motorcycles to optimise the efficiency, power and dimensions. Having the same weight and volume of a big motorcycle of conventional engines,  the Z-Force® Motor capable of producing 130% more torque and 150% stronger. This machine does not require cooling using liquid or air. By uses aluminium cooling fins, Z-Force® is a closed Motor and does not require regular maintenance.

By using Z-Force® Motor, it is able to produce a powerful performance from Zero Motorcycles are able to achieve a sprint time of 0-100km/h in 3.3 seconds.

Price and Warranty

Zero Motorcycles are assembled and fully CBU imported from the United States and to consumers in Indonesia has a price-tag of off-the road as follows;

Zero Motorcycles FX

– Zero MotorcyclesFX ZF 2.8 – IDRp 180million

– Zero Motorcycles FX ZF 5.7 – IDRp 220million

Zero Motorcycles DS

– Zero MotorcyclesDS ZF 9.4 – IDRp 249million

– Zero Motorcycles DS ZF 12.5 – IDRp 279million

– Zero Motorcycles12.5 + DS ZF power tank – IDRp 329million

Zero Motorcycles S

Zero MotorcyclesS ZF 9.4 – IDRp 249million

Zero Motorcycles S ZF 12.5 – IDRp 279million

Zero Motorcycles S ZF 9.4 + power tank – IDRp 329million

Zero Motorcycles SR

Zero Motorcycles SR ZF12.5 – IDRp 309million

Zero Motorcycles12.5 + SR ZF power tank – IDRp 359million

The entire line-up of Zero Motorcycles comes with Complete Maintenance Coverage (CMC) which is a warranty of 5 years / 50,000 km.

“The price offered by Zero Motorcycles has value for money thanks to the special incentives provided by the Government of Indonesia, so that consumers get a performance motorcycle and high-tech equivalent of even better with other large motorcycles, but at a price far below the conventional big motorcycle,“ said Dhani Yahya, Managing Director, Zero Motorcycles.

Zero Motorcycles Flagship Showroom

The Flagship Showroom is built on land area of 1500 sq metres. Zero Motorcycles first Showroom in Indonesia is part of the central office of PT Garansindo Technologies. Has a strategic location which is the target market area of Zero Motorcycles.

Zero Motorcycles Flagship Showroom is ready to welcome customers who are interested to feel the performance and technology of Zero Motorcycles through unit test-ride of each type and also to make motorcycles reservation and accessories and spare-part of Zero Motorcycles.

The 3S Showroom (Sales, Service and Spare-parts) which has an area of 200 sq metres is capable of displaying the entire line-up of Zero Motorcycles, as well as accessories and merchandise. In addition there are areas of improvement that are attached to a motor showroom and comes with a charging station.

Garansindo have trained technicians to meet the needs of the turn of spare-parts and perform maintenance of Zero Motorcycles throughout Indonesia. Garansindo also provides a flying mechanic who can reach consumers outside of Jakarta.

“Indonesia is an important market for Zero Motorcycles and we will continue to improve service sales and after-sales of Zero Motorcycles to provide convenience for consumers. In the showroom, consumers can understand more about the Zero Motorcycles and feel the atmosphere that reflects the value of the Zero Motorcycles as well as comfort and good professionalism,” concluded Dhani Yahya.


[Source : Garansindo Technologies]


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