Kustomfest Art Garage – Arts celebrations by Kustom Kulture Generation 

Beragam proses dan pertunjukan ditampilkan secara langsung  di Art Garage Berbagai latar belakang pengunjung meramaikan gelaran Art  Garage Kehadiran The Cakil menjadi daya tarik tersendiri dalam  gelaran Art Garage

JOGJAKARTA, Indonesia, 14 June 2015 —— Jogjakarta in June was nearly identical to the celebration of art, it can not be separated from ART | JOG agenda of the annual exhibition and the largest fine arts exchanges in Southeast Asia. This year coincides with the momentum of the implementation of ART | JOG 8, performers gathered to hold diverse activities related to the arts in general entitled Jogja Artweeks, during the month various art agenda were simultaneously held in several exhibition halls and art galleries.

Kulture custom as a cultural movement that combines elements of the process, art and engineering has become an integral part of the history of art in general. KUSTOMFEST: Indonesian Kustom Kulture Festival were exacerbated as a space inspirational attitude and best upheaval custom works from all over Indonesia, on the other hand ‘kustom kulture’ trigger the generation born in the birth of space and new media. Robert William, Kenny “Von Dutch” Howard, Ed “Big Daddy” Roth and David “Dave” Mann are some big names linking the pioneer movement of ‘kustom kulture’ and fine art.

“Art Garage is an agenda that connects with ‘kustom kulture’ art development, the future I hope that the perpetrators can absorb ideas ‘kustom kulture’ art world and vice-versa, so that the birth of new works that inspires many people. This event as well as a warm-up to KUSTOMFEST 2015 – Soul Showin, this coming October,“ reveal Lulut Wahyudi as Director of KUSTOMFEST.

Pengunjung beramai ramai menikmati pameran dan live art  performance Pengunjung menikmati berbagai karya di Art Garage

The Momentum of art celebration this time was addressed by KUSTOMFEST by holding art exhibitions and performances from the point of view of the perpetrator of Kustom Kulture namely KUSTOMFEST ART GARAGE. Housed in Retro Classic Cycles, no less than 60 works of art exhibited for three full days from 9 to 11 June 2015. In addition, during the exhibition visitors can also see the work of Retro Classic Cycles and see the workmanship directly.

The inaugural exhibition was held involves some fine art artist and ‘kustom kulture’ activist including Diki Leos, Ronie Arto, Helly Mursito, Gento YK (Gerombolan Tukang Tato Yogyakarta), Jathy Pradipta “SURCLAS”, One Junx “Nerakatau69”, Titah Argayoga “Exsoutheast Color House” and one of the talented young artist was 15 years old Radja Tahta Jasa.

Meanwhile, Foundation Chairman of the Biennale Jogja, as an observer of the development of Indonesian art, YUSTINA Neni revealed that ‘community art’ to be happy with a ‘kustom kulture’ emergence as a new medium for expression “Art Garage born from space KUSTOMFEST is a virus, a virus that is very pleasant,“ she said.

As a final at the end of the process of the performing arts exhibitions held directly highlighted Diki Leos with “Doodling on Gastank Chopper”. Radja Tahta Jasa with “Live Pinstriping”, Jathy Pradipta with “Surclas Live Tattooing – Lowrider Arte”, and also not-to-be missed Live pin-striping with a 25-year-old ancient tricycles by One Junx and Titah Argayoga. The event is hectic crowded with visitors of various circles was concluded with the final action of the rockabilly band El Milky Racer and Garage Blues.

Titah Argayoga with Live Pinstriping

Titah Argayoga with Live Pinstriping

Musik Rockabilly merayakan seni rupa dan kustom  kulture

[Source : KUSTOMFEST: Indonesian Kustom Kulture Festival]


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