BEC-TERO Music join hands with “LINE Music” moving toward “Digital Content Hub” of Thailand


BANGKOK, 10 JUNE 2015 —— “BEC-Tero Music” #BECTeroMusic, on ascending path to “Digital Content Hub,” reinforces digital content business in collaboration with “Line Thailand” #LINEThailand, conveying the ultimate music listening experience via latest application LINE MUSIC, highlighting the strength of centre for variety of music from over record 10 labels covering Thai and international songs plus soundtracks from Channel 3 soap opera to meet every lifestyle of listeners.  Customers may listen, share and send songs of BEC-Tero Music by streaming contents on 3G and Wifi networks for monthly fee of THBaht60,-, believing the service to delight music lovers who use LINE application in Thailand.

General manager of BEC-Tero Music under BEC-Tero Entertainment (Public) Company Limited, Paul Manatthaworn disclosed: “BEC-Tero Music Business direction for the second half remains focused on music and digital content in order to achieve Digital Content Hub of Thailand.  Lately BEC-Tero Music cooperates with LINE THAILAND, providing music streaming service through LINE MUSIC application, compiling songs from over 10 music labels to meet various customer lifestyles.  Customers can listen, share and send a wide array of music including Thai, international and Asian from BEC-Tero Music, Sony Music, LOVEiS, Bakery Music, Blacksheep, Hostess Entertainment, YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, Music Union and especially Chandelier Music packed with Channel 3 soundtracks guaranteed for beautiful tunes from top chart nationwide. The cooperation combines strengths of BEC-Tero Music, as the entertainment content expert, and business partner LINE, the leader in world-class mobile phone platform, to share business synergy. In addition, business direction is readjusted to fit the digital age at full course with innovative format of music contents to cover every customer demand robustly and unlimitedly.”

According to latest survey data, LINE users in Thailand amounted to 33 million in number with expected sharp increase for the second half of the year.  Therefore we are confident that the service will enable users to access contents of BEC-Tero Music every time and place just like carrying music bank with you.  Enjoy a lot of privileges.  Simply download application “LINE MUSIC” to your mobile phone to update entertainment contents as desired. For more information, visit Line Official Account BEC-TERO MUSIC or

Head of LINE MUSIC Global, Suk Jun Lim unveiled: “LINE MUSIC is the latest service that selects music contents including various genre of Thai and international, new and old, for LINE users to enjoy LINE app even more. Thailand becomes the first country to open for download.  In satisfying lifestyle of users, this year LINE emphasises on more variety of contents.  Music listening on mobile phones via LINE MUSIC application is the latest service that allows Thai users to enjoy the unlimited pleasure of music.  Users can share and send favourite songs to friends in LINE.  Moreover, LINE MUSIC will be another channel to help stimulate Thai music industry.”


[Source : BEC-Tero]


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