The 7th Bangkok Imported Car & Used Car Show

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Grand Prix International announces plans to inaugurate enhanced car dealer contracts guaranteeing buyers full refund in cases of car defects

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BANGKOK, 9 June 2015  —— Grand Prix International Public Co., Ltd., describing the importance of the 7th Bangkok Imported Car & Used Cars Show, emphasised the imported quality of the exhibition and of the cars to be exhibited in response to buyer demand for high quality imported and used cars, motorcycles and bicycles. The company also plans to inaugurate improved car dealer contracts at the exhibition guaranteeing buyers a full refund in case of any major defect identified after purchase. Throughout the exhibition there will be an aggressive promotional campaign with prices available at reduced costs.

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Executive committee/chief operating officer of Grand Prix International Public Co., Ltd., and chairman of The 7th Bangkok Imported Car & Used Car Show, Jaturont Komolmis revealed the policy and plans for the event this year to be called “Fresh Discounts Daily”. The concept focuses on luxury cars, addressing the customer demand for luxury, sports and stylish vehicles as well as affordable quality used cars. A new quality-guarantee contract for the growing second-hand car market will also be announced. The highlight of the event is the variety and integration of products which come with quality and after-sales services that meet international standards. The event is expected to draw over 100,000 potential buyers during the 7 days of the show, while the ratio of used car against imported cars sales is projected at 30% to 70%.

At the show, imported car dealers will showcase products on the 10,000 sq. metres area at Challenger Hall 3, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani include A.G.CARS, TEDDY AUTO, BRG, and ETON TNP. Used car distributors include MINI NEXT, BMW PREMIUM SELECTION, MASTER CERTIFIED USED CAR, WISH MOTOR, AUTO MASTER, YO RACHADA, TRIPLE M, BEST SERVICE, PV AUTO, and Petchyont. There will be grand sales zones for car accessories and luxury used brands.

There will also be a used motorcycles and bicycles zone with experts available to provide advice on choosing the right product for individual needs. The organiser will distribute free manuals on how to choose the right car for all event attendees.

Overall, the automobile industry in 2015 has experienced a better performance than the previous year, seeing continuing positive trends in many years. However, total sales are expected to be lower than 1 million vehicles, while the used car market is projected to grow by 10-15% from the previous year. The highly competitive market and new tax measures which will cement effect next year are also positive factors which should stimulate sales this year. In terms of the imported car sector, despite the economic slowdown which effects the buyers’ decision, the event is likely to stimulate buyers with high purchasing power to make a positive decision in view of the quality options available at the show.

Grand Prix International is confident that the event will definitely create a colourful and robust atmosphere for the Thai automobile industry during this upcoming midyear. Jaturont added that as organisers of The Bangkok International Motor Show which has been accepted as a world class event for over 36 years, Grand Prix International is determined to set a high standard for all imported and used cars at the event, particularly for the higher quality used cars so that potential buyers have confidence in the choices available to them. To achieve this policy decision, the company plans to sign contracts with all second-hand car dealers and distributors at the event to guarantee buyers’ satisfaction. This is the first time this requirement has been offered at any major event in Thailand. Certificates will be issued to guarantee each and every car sold. If there is proof later that the used car purchased at the event has a defect which for example, results in an accident, becomes flooded or drown in water, requires chassis modifications or could not be legitimately transferred, buyers will get a full refund without any conditions attached.

The event will also offer financial services to purchase vehicles at a special interest rate from Krungsri Auto with approval given within 15 minutes as well as promotional offers from individual car dealers. There will be a unique promotion offer at the event; 2 used cars will be on offer at lower than cost price every day of the event, amounting to 14 cars on offer throughout the event.

oreover, the company has also set up a “Luxury Used Brand Grand Sale” zone by offering second-hand brand names such as clothing, shoes, handbag, jewellery and accessories from leading Thai celebrities at special prices. Proceeds from the sales after deducting expenses will be donated to charity organisations.

The 7th Bangkok Imported Car & Used Car Show will be held from 20 – 26 July 2015.

Opening times: Monday to Friday from 12:00 noon to 9:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Venue: Challenger Hall 3, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani.

Admission fee is THBaht 20,- every day.

[Source : Grand Prix International]


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