Mopar® presents its exclusive collection dedicated to Fiat Panda K-Way®

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Turin 28 May 2015  —— This is the day for the media presentation of a new colourful and functional Special Series, offspring of the collaboration between Fiat and the quintessential rainproof brand, marrying casual with fashion. And Mopar® is part of the event, presenting its exclusive collection of licensing, accessories and merchandising, available either from the Fiat Store or from Fiat dealer network.

After its world preview at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, today sees the press presentation of the new Panda K-Way® Special Series, created through the collaboration between Fiat and the ultimate rainproof brand: a winning blend of casual with fashion. This event will be staged in the “La Pelota” multifunctional space in Milan, on a spectacularly original runway evoking high fashion moods and models, where the latest Fiat Panda version makes its debut, initially for sale in Italy alone, and soon afterwards in other European markets.

And Mopar® is very much a part of the event: the dedicated brand for services, Customer Care, original spare parts and accessories for all Fiat Chrysler Automobiles brands will be taking its share of the spotlight, proposing its collection of licensing options, accessories and merchandising, devised for this model.

The new collection adopts the same style features and materials used by the K-Way® brand in its rainproof clothing and accessories lines, but reinterpreted for Panda customers: from storable rainproof jackets to supermarket shopping bags and from pocket-contents holders to shoppers for trend-setting women. These products are all available either on the Fiat Store or from certain selected dealers.

As well as the special merchandising collection, Mopar offers Panda K-Way® customers numerous exclusive services, starting from its “Mopar Vehicle Protection”, ensuring owner tranquillity. Its service contracts are the only ones guaranteed by FCA, and propose extensive coverage of mechanical parts and model-specific maintenance plans, as well as a breakdown and repair service carried out by specialist technicians using original spare parts only.

On top of this, the new Panda K-Way® owner can also count on the “Ciao Fiat Mobile” app, which supplies information and assistance in mobility. Available free on Apple Store and Google Play, Fiat’s mobile app comes in five languages and covers 15 European countries. Panda K-Way® owners also have the option of @Fiat Care, the Twitter profile where customers find help with their assistance needs through a team of special operators from Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.


Here is a detailed description of the articles in the exclusive collection created for the Fiat Panda K-Way®.

Dashboard bag

This large and practical marsupial bag (for documents, wallets, etc.) is designed to fit perfectly into the dashboard design of this car. It is Panda-shaped and Panda-logoed, with a “K-Way®” logo on the outside. Handle and zipper are in K-Way® fabric. Thanks to its product-specific shape and the materials and accessories used, this marsupial bag is a cult object which adds another special touch to the special series owner.

Small objects holder

With a cylindrical shape and an appealing design, this exclusive product fits into the Panda’s front storage compartment, making it possible to tidily store coins, keys and all those things in your jacket or trouser pockets. Made with original K-Way® materials and accessories, this container has a K-Way® zip on the top, for opening the circular cover with the Panda logo.

Trolley bag

This sturdy and original shopping bag allows you to put all your shopping in a single bag: it is designed to be attached directly to the supermarket trolley, filled to the brim and then put straight into the Panda K-Way® boot. It has a clever mechanism for folding into itself, with a K-Way ® zip, which compacts it into a practical container. An accessory with tidy dimensions and a confident logo-boasting exterior.

Bag and Shopping Bag

Both these Panda K-Way® accessories (size M) can be folded neatly into Nylon Plus packets with contrasting-coloured interiors. Both also use K-Way® zips, have polyester handles and shoulder straps and bright “Panda” and “K-Way®” logos printed on the outside. The Bag has a detachable shoulder strap and two external pockets with K-Way® zips, while the Shopping Bag has one external pocket with a special zip.

Rainproof jacket

“K-Way® Le Vrai Claude 3.0”: a stunning evolution of the classic K-Way® rainproof jacket, foldable and waterproof. One special feature is its new Nylon Ripstop (WP+MVP 3000mm) material, which makes this garment water resistant, breathable, windproof and heat sealed. With a single unisex regular fit size, the rainproof jacket boasts perky printed “Panda” and “K-Way®” logos and other eye-catching black elements such as zip pullers, drawstring stoppers and marsupial clips. Storable in pouch bags and featuring a ventilation opening on the back, all original K-Way® zips, two pockets, elastic drawstring waist and shaped hood with visor and adjustable elastic drawstring.

[Source : Fiat Chrysler Automobiles]


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