World premiere of the Toyota Hilux REVO in Thailand

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A new era for pickup; every inch a Hilux

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BANGKOK, 21 May 2015 —— Kyoichi Tanada, Managing Officer of Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), President of Toyota Motor Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. (TMAP-MS), President of Toyota Motor Asia Pacific Engineering and Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (TMAP-EM), and President of Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd. (TMT), along with Hiroki Nakajima, Executive Chief Engineer and Managing Officer of Toyota Motor Corporation, as well as Vudhigorn Suriyachantananont, Senior Vice President of Toyota Motor Thailand, jointly presided over the press conference and launch of its newest pickup truck “Hilux REVO” at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC), Bangna.

Toyota started its line off for 1-ton pickup trucks in 1968 with the nameplate of “Hilux” that becomes legendary of Toyota’s success and the vehicle has received overwhelming welcome for almost 50 years.

In 2004, Toyota created a phenomenon in Thailand’s 1-ton pickup market by the introduction of Hilux pickup truck under the project of “IMV: Innovative International Multi-Purpose Vehicle”. It was Toyota’s first time of the 1-ton pickup truck production base outside Japan to Thailand. Later on, it created a new wonder for 1-ton pickup truck markets by its warm acceptances from customers around the globe thanks to its world’s quality standard in the aspects of driving performance, fuel economy, functionality, and trustworthiness that impress local and overseas customers alike.

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Kyoichi Tanada stated: “Since the first introduction of Toyota Hilux to the market in 1968, the Hilux has served over 16 million customers in over 180 countries in all continents. We are proud to say that it has become one of the most loved Pick-up Trucks in the world. Toyota Hilux is one of our global optimal products which is produced in 6 countries including Thailand. Thailand produced 70 per cent of the global production and this may regard Thailand our biggest pickup production base.

In Thailand, the Hilux has been with the Thai people for nearly 50 years.  Throughout these years, it has gained outstanding achievements, specifically after the introduction of its seventh generation in 2004 under IMV Project or Innovative International Multi-Purpose Vehicle. It has been crowned champion of pickup truck with its first rank of sales in one-ton commercial car for nine years consecutively, boasting a total domestic sales of around 1.65 million units.  In addition, Toyota Hilux pickup manufactured in Thailand has created the sheer pride for Thai people with the quality of Toyota production standard, and has been well received by customers worldwide with the total export number under IMV project of 2.4 million units. All this encapsulates the confidence of customers around the globe in the quality and performance of Toyota Hilux marking it a truly popular model at a genuine “World class” level.

Toyota’s 8th generation Hilux pickup is testament to our new pride. This is the revolution in all dimensions of the profound future pickup truck with changes in every single square inch to respond to customer’s demands and satisfactions that exceed their expectations under the new name of Hilux REVO.”

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Hiroki Nakajima unveiled: “Until now, a vehicle’s value was determined by how ‘tough’ it was. However, in developing this vehicle, we wanted to fundamentally rethink what ‘tough’ means. That’s how we began. Redefining ‘Toughness’ became our development concept of Hilux REVO to project its image in accordance with the concept of “A New Era for Pickup. Every Inch a Hilux”.  The bigger, the tougher. The development of the new Hilux started from its frame to change bigger cross section of side rail. The all new engine, is sitting on new frame. We increased maximum torque, at the same time gave a higher torque at low revolution to provide Torqueful driving. Of course, we reduced the noise and improved fuel efficiency. The new six-speed transmission takes full potential of this new engine. This works together with the frame to provide SUV-like comfort without sacrificing performance when carrying heavy loads. The style design… ‘Tough & Emotional’…This is our concept. This combination of performance based on a new platform, a design that is extremely tough and emotional, and class leading safety is certainly a ‘New era for Pickup, Every inch a Hilux.”

A New Era for Pickup. Every Inch a Hilux. 

Toyota Hilux REVO

Revolution in all dimension for the profound future pickup truck… revolutionise in all details to redefine “Toughness” for SUV-Like comfort experience with its 6 areas of strong points as follows;

  • REVOLUTION OF POWER… Revolutionise new engines for tough performance that has been made even tougher. The newly developed GD engine latest generation (GD Efficient Boost) provides greater efficiency of combustion while maximises its flat torque. It leverages all patterns of functionality and usage since the vehicle is started and even it is accelerated to make you realise unprecedented acceleration performance yet retains exceptional fuel efficiency at low-noise and unleashes less exhausts for ecologically friendliness to meet the EURO4 standard.
  • REVOLUTION OF STABILITY… Revolutionise new suspensions for superior riding stability. The new DCS (Dynamic Control Suspension) that comes with newly developed suspension system and the new chassis FIRM (Frame with Integrated Rigidity Mechanism) has been tested intensively on all road conditions around the world for the experience of toughness that can still provide SUV-like comfort.
  • REVOLUTION OF CONTROL … Revolutionise control by the 6-speed manual iMT-equipped pickup truck, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride. Also, enjoy the new pleasure from 6-speed automatic iMT transmission that advances excellent driving experience. The Active Traction Control (A-TRC) and Diff Lock are included to enable a unique combination of sporty and dynamic driving and low consumption.
  • REVOLUTION OF STYLING … Revolutionise new design for eye-catching in all aspects to represent the pickup truck of the future with tough, strong, and powerful  design yet emotionally affected by the active and impressive style both interior and exterior.
  • REVOLUTION OF COMFORT … Revolutionise luxury for superior experience. The spacious cabin that is fully equipped with superior signatures of comfort to achieve ultimate riding aesthetic.
  • REVOLUTION OF SAFETY… Revolutionise safety system for infinite confidence. The technological safety features offer passengers limitless confidence in the perspectives of both active and passive safety.

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Vudhigorn Suriyachantananont, stated: “The Toyota Hilux REVO is an important chapter of world’s pickup revolution both today and for the future. Its name is derived from “REVOLUTION” which implies the development of the new Hilux in all dimensions, every square inch, with an emphasis on 6 major selling points. This is the origin of our marketing communication strategy under the concept of “A New Era for Pickup. Every Inch a Hilux.” which is scheduled for being communicated via a number of media channels including digital media on online media platforms to optimise the product’s awareness from today onwards.

Furthermore, Toyota would cordially like to provide an ultimate riding experience to all customers for an ultimate perception of the product. We’d start with the official launch of the Hilux REVO at BITEC, Bangna, which took place simultaneously with the grand launches in 4 major provinces in all regions of Thailand as well as the launch in countrywide Toyota showrooms during 22 – 24 May. We’ve also prepared the test drive vehicles for our dearest customers to explore exceptional riding aesthetic. After its official launch, we aim to get closed with customers in all regions with the caravan activity “Hilux REVO Penetrates All Terrains throughout the Kingdom”.

Exclusive with the Hilux REVO test drive at the Toyota test drive course which is scheduled for its opening in the third quarter of this year. It is a standardised track that would allow you to explore superior experience from the Hilux REVO. 

The Hilux REVO is available in 3 pickup cab types and 33 lineups. We expand lineups of 4WD Standard Cab types to respond to customer’s demand. Booking and delivery now for a Hilux REVO Double Cab or a Standard Cab. Booking for a Hilux REVO Smart Cab is also available of which vehicle deliveries are expected from Mid-June 2015.

The Hilux REVO is available in 7 colours in which 3 new colours are added comprising of Nebula Blue, Crimson Spark Red, and White Pearl with affordable price ranges starting from THBaht 569,000,- with the monthly target sales of 14,000 units. ”

Kyoichi Tanada added: “I am confident that the Toyota will serve as one of the key products that drives the increase of car sales in Thailand’s automotive market and certainly boosts Toyota sales this year.  Furthermore, Thailand is a main export hub of Toyota pickup trucks. We believe the Toyota New Hilux would be vital and a main factor that stimulates Thailand’s economy. Thus the new Hilux is not only another pride of Toyota but also of the Thai people.”

Experience the official launch of Hilux REVO

22 -24 May 2015  

At Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC), Bangna

First Launch in Thailand … A New Era for Pickup. Every Inch a Hilux.

  • Excited with “REVO 4D Digital Mapping Show”
  • Explore new technology in HILUX REVO in Revolution Lab Zone
  • Establish superb driving experience with Revolution Arena, the off-road test that challenges you to drive up to 10-metre high virtual mountain.
  • Experience the real “HILUX REVO”. All models, all grades, and their test drive
  • Enjoy various activities

With the grand debuts in… 4 Provinces, every region;

  • Northern Thailand … Central Festival, Chiang Mai Province
  • Northeastern Thailand … WuFoo Wholesale Centre, Khon Kaen Province
  • Central Thailand … Chonburi City Hall, Chonburi Province
  • Southern Thailand … Central Festival Hatyai in Hat Yai, Songkhla Province

For information and bookings,

please visit 427 countrywide Toyota showrooms.

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[Source : Toyota Motor Thailand]


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