Honda to begin motorcycle sales in Taiwan


TAIPEI, Taiwan, 11 February 2015 —— Honda Taiwan Co., Ltd. (HTW), Honda’s automobile sales subsidiary in Taiwan, today formally announces its decision to enter the continuously growing market for large-sized motorcycles* in Taiwan in April 2015.

From continuous growth of the large-sized motorcycle market in recent years, HTW made a decision to enter the market with an aim to expand joy to customers by planning to offer new operation for customers and Honda riders in Taiwan including sales and distribution of imported motorcycles, service parts, and after-sales maintenance. Furthermore, the company will enhance its local operation to fulfil customers’ diverse needs with a plan to open 4 new dealers nation-wide on April 2015 and actively promote traffic safety education and training among Honda riders.

The large-sized motorcycle market in Taiwan was first liberalised after Taiwan became a member of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in 2002, and the recent rise in income and lifting of a prohibition on riding large-sized motorcycles on freeways have contributed to the rapid expansion of the market. Industrywide sales of large-sized motorcycle in 2014 reached 17,000 units, an increase of 24% from 2013.

Honda in Taiwan began local production of small-sized motorcycles in 1961, mainly 125cc-class models, in the form of a technology licensing agreement with a local company (under a technical collaboration agreement) and continued until 2003.

In order to respond to the diversifying needs and fulfil the expectations of Taiwanese customers, Honda will continue providing good products with speed, affordability and low CO2 emissions.

* Motorcycles equipped with an engine larger than 250cc engine.

About Honda Taiwan Co., Ltd.

Establishment:           February 2002

Representative:          Akira Makino, president

Location:                     Taipei, Taiwan

Capital investment:     3.6 billion New Taiwanese Dollar

Capitalization ratio:     100% Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Business:                      Sales and distribution of automobiles

To start sales and distribution of motorcycles and spare parts in April 2015

[Source : Honda]


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