Honda Philippines partners with KidZania Manila

Honda PH partners KidZania

Manila, Philippines —— Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) announces its partnership with KidZania Manila, a first- of-its-kind indoor hyper-real play city for kids which is set to open this 2015.

Honda, a key player in the automotive business, is known for creating vehicles that provide the pleasure of mobility to make people’s lives more enjoyable. According to Toshio Kuwahara, HCPI President and General Manager, Honda’s facilities in KidZania will be similar to what the Honda business in the Philippines is all about.

“We want to introduce the dynamic world of Honda to the kids through this activity and of course for them to have better appreciation of the automotive industry as a whole,” said Kuwahara.

Honda will showcase activities in KidZania Manila that are designed for kids three to 14 years old to explore playing different roles in a comparable Honda business working environment from its manufacturing to sales operations. With Honda’s fundamental beliefs of The Three Joys of Buying, Selling and Creating in mind, kids will be treated to an experience similar to being a sales consultant and manufacturing associate who will aim to ensure the highest quality of service Honda has always lived up to.

Kuwahara expressed his enthusiasm as Honda turns out to be a channel to help drive kids to a brighter future, “we want the kids to enjoy their time experiencing the life of an adult and give them the avenue to develop skills that will be beneficial to them now or in the future. Ultimately, what we want is for them to dream and imagine the endless possibilities that lie ahead of them,” he said.

The Honda business started with a dream of a man with youthful spirit, Soichiro Honda; since then it has evolved to being a company that consistently pursues the development of technologies that are of great benefit to people in their daily lives. HCPI’s partnership with KidZania Manila is one of their ways to inspire the youth to discover their passions, develop their potential and pursue their dreams.

[Source : Honda]


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