The 7th Bangkok Motorbike Festival 2015 ready in anticipation for AEC

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– 11 famous motorcycle brands confirmed joining “BMF 2015” with an estimated value of THBaht400 million.  

– The first time big bike “Bike Customisers” showing off to world to “matching economics” capped.

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BANGKOK, 12 January 2015 ——The “Bangkok Motorbike Festival 2015” (BMF 2015), one of the greatest festival in South East Asia for those with enthusiasm in motorcycles will be held this upcoming 28 January 28 to 1 February 2015 at Central World, the largest lifestyle shopping destination in Bangkok, with a confirmation of 11 famous motorcycle brands and they are ready to debut the brand’s new models with the special campaign only in the festival, and satiated with extra activities especially “Smoke And Dust Custom Show” which is the magnificently custom bike exhibition zone by Thai customisers. This is the first plans for “B2B SUMMIT” in the future. The estimated value of THBaht400 million with over 1.2 millions audiences and alertness of AEC help 15 – 20% growth of big bike market over previous year.


Managing director of Cycle Culture Show LTD., Nattapon Trinathy said, “Bangkok Motorbike Festival 2015” (BMF 2015) one of the greatest motorcycle festival in South East Asia host revealed that 11 famous motorcycle brands confirmed to join “BMF 2015” consist of A.P. Honda, Honda Big Wing, Indian, Kawasaki, KTM, MV Agusta, Ducati, Suzuki, Ural, Victory, Yamaha, Zero Engineering is the concept of “Ride Your Destiny” to convey  to the people always design their own lifestyle, roads and dreams to emphasise that it is your right to choose your own lifestyle. The festival will be held this upcoming 28 January 28 – 1 February 2015 at Central World with about THBaht10 million budget including special activities of all 5 days in the festival.”

Furthermore together with many activities of the custom bikes exhibition, a custom bikes contest, motorcycle club and many activities from many customisers at the front courtyard Square C of Central world (Next to A.P. Honda Booth) including Beer garden and live music show in front of shopping centre in the evening.

For inside area of the shopping centre is still maintain the pattern of trade by motorcycle brands, photography exhibition which is exclusive for people those who enthusiasm in motorcycles from various photographers and studios together with distribution a big bike riding  package from Scandinavia countries meanwhile increasing a motorcycle parking area at the front courtyard for upgrade to international standard. A meeting point in festival celebration style for two wheel lover to be worthy of the name “Bangkok Motorbike Festival” rather than taking into the sales booth space, and to response a big bike’s popularity In addition, 28-30 January 2015 at 5 pm. and 7 pm. at open area shopping centre the motorcycle brands will bring a special show for visitors to experience.

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Nattapon Trinathy refer to one of event highlight “Smoke and Dust Custom Show by Bangkok Motorbike Festival” is not just a custom bike exhibition but it is a showing of the qualities of Thai customisers and custom product group which are introduction a new experience to Thai people whether are Leatherwork, Helmet, bike painters, wearing and bike parts by 10 designers.

“This is the first time of Thai motorcycle industry since many foreign businessmen and firms attended the last 6 years of Bangkok Motorbike Festival so “Smoke and Dust Custom Show by Bangkok Motorbike Festival” will support free booths which is giving an opportunity for Thai customisers to meet foreign businessmen lead to the first step to “B2B SUMMIT” that we intend to fully arrangement in a few years of the events. It will help to both publicise the “Bangkok Motorbike Festival” to the world and expands the market of parts, wear, and motorcycles industry to support AEC launch in 2015 year end as a Hub of this region.”

Due to the political situation here “BMF 2014” was organised in the middle of July last year with intending form to organise early and mid-year as well a circulation is about 600 motorcycles with cash flow over THBaht300 million, and guarantees that “BMF 2015” will be more successful.

“An expected 800 motorcycles will be on sale with money spent to the tune of THBaht400 million (including bike parts and wear) and 1.2 million spectators with many essentials on offer. But, first of all, popular motorcycle brands Ducati has confirmed to join, meanwhile Honda Big bike, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki and KTM will make debuts of their brand’s new models. Moreover every brand will bring a highlight campaign which is exclusive for only in this festival. Next is overall of big bike market in 2014 is 22% growth compare with 2013, the big bike market is growing by 15-20% and in this situation the customers got more confident together with AEC (Asean Economic Community) fully incorporated in 2015; A politics, culture and economy will be strong complement to all movement of all sectors since the vision of Asean entrepreneurs and other regions to Thailand as a hub for investment.”

Mr.Natthaboon&Mr.Natthapol_1  Nattapon Trinathy said, “There are multinational companies establishing their major production base in Thailand over 2-3 years from now after Honda and BMW launch the big bike production lines as an earnestly market pioneers while Ducati and Triumph also established their manufacturing base here. As a result the big bike with the same performance price is cheaper which makes the customers easier to own one now. Furthermore our neighbouring countries such as Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia are among the potential big bike market to continue to grow for another 10 years more years to come.”

“Thai entrepreneurs have to adjust and enhance the business to expand the market to neighbouring countries, base on the strengths and advantages as a regional hub. Terms of trading tax we have made to international FTA with Japan, China, Korea, India, Australia, where we have an advantages over other nations in this region,” said Nattapon Trinathy.

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[Source : Cycle Culture]


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