AP Honda aggressively penetrates the market with launch of 4 models


BANGKOK ——  AP Honda, the official Honda motorcycle distributor in Thailand, announces its success of 2014 – being the number 1 of Thailand’s motorcycle industry for 26 consecutive years. Of the overall sales by the industry at 1,701, 532 units, Honda accounted for 1,356, 749 units last year. The company maintains its ambitions to become the sustainable organisation by offering only environmentally-friendly  products and holding social-responsibility events. The market forecast for Honda is set at 1.39 out of the 1.75 million units by the overall market in 2015. Honda is set to aggressively penetrate the market in the first quarter with 4 new models which are all-new Click125i, the AT sport model under the “The Rise of Super Sport AT” concept. With a new definition of the true leader, the model is equipped with Honda’s smart technology consisting of eSP (Enhanced Smart Power) 125cc engine with PGM-FI system, Idling Stop System, Combi Crake System. The model will be presented by superstars Dome-Pakora Lum and Bie-Sukrit Wisetkaew who will represent the model’s powerful character.

Dome-Pakora Lum

Dome-Pakora Lum

Bie-Sukrit Wisetkaew

Bie-Sukrit Wisetkaew

The next model is Moove Limited Edition, which is the smart AT that comes with limited editions of smart design of Liverpool and Manchester United from England.

The other two models are: New CRF250L and New CRF250M which feature new sport graphic for those who do not like to be ordinary. Moreover, Honda will later indulge the young crowd with its Zoomer-X Blue Shark colour, before introducing more new models of its products all year round, to stimulate the market and to cater to the consumers’ needs.

“Since May 2013, Thailand’s motorcycle industry has to be closely watched. The market has continued to decrease, allowing the sales to wrap up at 1,701,532 units sold by eh overall market last year – which was about 15% decrease. The trend is likely to continue this year. The plummet has been considered the largest fall since the economic crisis in 1997. However, Honda has managed to maintain it market leadership in Thailand for the 26th year in a row, with its sales at 1,356,749 units sold last year, despite a 9% decrease from the previous year. Honda has also become number one in all segments including Big Bike market,” said Nobuhide Nagata, president of AP Honda Co., Ltd., the official Honda motorcycle distributor in Thailand.

“Despite the plummeted market, sport motorcycle has surprisingly grown and captures 11% of overall market. Having prepared to strengthen the segment, AP Honda has co-founded the CIC circuit in order to bring the world-class entertainment to the Thai audience and to stimulate the sport motorcycle segment to grow even higher.”

For the Big Bike market segment, AP Honda has planned to open a few more branches of Honda Wing Centre, from currently 10, in the regions within this year. Two safety drive centres will also be opened in Phuket and Chiang Mai. The newly opened centres will not only focus on safety riding, but also Big Bike and off-roading riding techniques, to cater to the diverse demands and to educate about the riding culture.

Moreover, this year is the second year of the 3-year medium term plan (2014-2016) which is to lead the company to the sustainable organisation. AP Honda will work with Honda Wing Centre to hold social-responsibility events nationwide, be it blood donation, road safety campaign, sports for the youth activity, as well as offer environmentally-friendly products to our customers.

“For the motorcycle market in 2015, the economy to gradually recover as the Bank of Thailand has recently lowered the country’s GDP to 4%. However, the consumer confidence index slightly rose to 81.1 which is the highest in 18 months. The US economy has reportedly grown which is a positive sign. Even though the first half of the year will slowly recover, the second half expects to be brighter. The brighter market forecast for the overall market is set at 1.75 million units, or a 3% growth, while AP Honda expects to sweep 1.39 million units. Honda has prepared to stimulate the market demand in the first quarter with its brand campaign, Power of Fun Project, with new product segments starting from all-new Click125i. The model comes with a makeover for the sport AT- Thailand’s most popular motorcycle – with a new design borrowed from the super car, and equipped with Honda Smart Technology which will enhance the fuel economy and riding performance. At the same time, Honda Moove Limited Edition featuring copyrighted design from Liverpool and Manchester United FC will also be launched. There are also 2 sport models, New CRF250L and New CRF250M, which have been improved to be even cooler. Moreover, AP Honda have also added Zoomer-X Blue Shark to be the latest colour option for the young riders who seek the difference.”

All-new Click125i has been made over under “The Rise of Super Sport AT” concept to give a new definition of the true leader. With the design borrowed from the super car, the model features the sleek LED head lights and position lamp, premium sport tail light, LCD digital meter, and matte black cast wheels with tubeless tyres. The model is equipped with Honda Smart Technology consisting of eSP (Enhanced Smart Power) 125cc engine with PGM-FI system which enhances clean combustion and low friction; Idling Stop System enhancing the fuel efficiency to 58.9km/litre (based on ECE R40 Mode); and Combi Brake System that distributes brake force to rear and front wheels.

All-new Click125i will be available nationwide from 21 January onwards, with 5 colour options for Spoke Wheels: Red-Black, White-Black, Blue-Black, Pink-Black, and Black-Red; and 4 colour options for Cast Wheels: Black, White-Black, Red-Black, and Blue-Black. Suggested retail price starts from THBaht49,500,-.

New CRF250L is the enduro motorcycle which can cater both on-road and off-road riding, featuring new graphic under “The Boundless Adventure” concept. The design is borrowed from those in world-class circuits. Suggested retail price is THBaht134,600,-. New Honda CRF250M is the popular motard that comes with Geometric Pattern to be marketed under “Energise Your Motard Spirit” concept for the city riders. Suggested retail price is THBaht140,600,-. Both models will be available nationwide from 21 January 2015 onwards.

All-new Moove Liverpool FC Limited Edition and Honda Moove Manchester United Limited Edition featuring copyrighted design from both football clubs will soon be available in the market.

AP Honda will also indulge the younger riders with new colour options for Zoomer-X. The new Blue Shark colour under “Life Unblocked” concept will be available in the market from 21 January onwards. Suggested retail price is THBaht52,500,-.

Click1 Click2 Click3 CRF250L_R-B CRF250M_Black CRF250M_R-B Zoomer-X-Blue-Hires

New models will be available at Honda Wing Centres nationwide. For more information on each model, visit www.aphonda.co.th and keep updated with fun events at http://www.facebook.com/hondamotorcyclethailand.

[Source : AP Honda]

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