Jeep® Vehicle Sales exceed 1 million units, resulting in third consecutive global record

– Jeep global vehicle sales increase 39 per cent in 2014 to all-time annual record of 1,017,019 units;

– 2014 Jeep sales total surpasses 2013’s previous record of 731,565 units;

– U.S. sales increase 41 per cent to a record 692,348 units;

– Fifth consecutive year of Jeep sales increases globally and in U.S.;

– All Jeep models record increased sales globally and in U.S.;

– Jeep Compass, Patriot and Wrangler record best-ever U.S. sales;

– Jeep sales increase 42 per cent in Asia-Pacific region; up 49 per cent in China;

– Sales of Jeep vehicles up 40 per cent in Europe .


The Jeep® brand recorded sales of more than 1 million units across the globe in 2014, setting a new all-time record for the third consecutive year.  Sales of 1,017,019 Jeep vehicles bettered the brand’s 2013 record of 731,565 by 39 per cent.

“2014 marks the fifth consecutive year that Jeep vehicle sales have increased both globally and in the U.S. market,” said Mike Manley, President and CEO – Jeep Brand.  “While we are especially pleased with the way the new Jeep Cherokee is resonating in the marketplace, the fact is that every vehicle in the Jeep lineup recorded significant worldwide sales gains.

“While achieving 1 million vehicle sales in 2014 was certainly a milestone, 2015 will be a transformational year in the globalisation of the brand, as we begin local manufacturing in Brazil and return to local manufacturing in China after an absence of nearly a decade,” Manley added.  “We will strive to continue our sales momentum in 2015 with a full lineup of capable and efficient SUVs – including the all-new 2015 Jeep Renegade, as it arrives in showrooms in markets around the world.”

In addition to its 39 per cent global increase, Jeep sales rose 41 per cent in the U.S. in 2014, with a record 692,348 total sales.

Jeep sales rose 40 per cent in Europe and 42 per cent in the Asia-Pacific region in 2014.  In China – the world’s largest automobile market – sales rose 49 per cent.

Jeep vehicle sales were led globally and in the U.S. by Grand Cherokee (279,567 global; 183,786 U.S.), Cherokee (236,289 global; 178,508 U.S.), Wrangler (234,579 global; 175,328 U.S.), Compass (134,629 global; 61,264 U.S.), and Patriot (122,387 global; 93,462 U.S.).

2014 marked the fifth consecutive year of increased Jeep sales, both globally and in the U.S.  In 2013 the brand recorded increases of 4 per cent global and 3 per cent in the U.S.  The previous three years saw increases of 19 per cent global/13 per cent U.S. (2012), 41 per cent global/44 per cent U.S. (2011) and 24 per cent global/26 per cent U.S. (2010).

[Source : Fiat Chrysler Automobiles]


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