Delta Electronics to launch innovative smart grid application


TAIPEI, Taiwan —— As the worldwide smart grid market grows, Delta Electronics, a leader in power solutions based in Taiwan, has announced a battery energy storage solution (BESS) that can work to compliment smart grids and optimise energy efficiency.

The solution announced by Delta Electronics serves as an energy reservoir for electricity generated from household solar panels (or photovoltaic modules). The power stored in the battery system can be used when sunlight is not available, and if there is a surplus of energy, the extra power can even be fed into the grid.

Smart grids are considered a part of the green industry because they can automatically distribute power in a more reliable and efficient manner. They work by using communication and information technology to collect and process power usage information and then allocating electricity in an optimal way. Industrial Economics and Knowledge (IEK), a leading Taiwan-based research centre, has estimated the global smart grid market will grow from US$4 billion in 2014 to US$4.4 billion in 2015.

According to Jackie Chang, the president and general manager of Delta EMEA, Delta’s BESS system can significantly reduce grid power purchase by managing household energy production sources such as solar panels.

Chang pointed out the benefits of Delta’s system are threefold: it can help reduce gird peak power demand; encourage renewable energy usage; and optimise loads to reduce bills.

smart meter

smart meter

smart power meter

smart power meter

smart power meter

smart power meter

The BESS is a complete package consisted of a rectifier, charger, micro-inverter, Li-ion battery, controller, sensor module, and an energy management system that can be remotely controlled via a mobile device. Delta plans to launch the BESS in 2015.

[Source: Delta Electronics, IEK, TaiwanTrade]


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