Shell Thailand is ready to serve Shell E20 Gasohol in all regions nationwide

Shell E20 Gasohol

BANGKOK, Thailand —— The Shell Company of Thailand Limited announced retail availability of world-class quality fuel Shell E20 Gasohol, a high quality fuel that you can trust, in all regions nationwide in the company’s effort to meet rising consumer demand for this fuel and support the government’s policy to promote use of alternative energies.

Executive Director Retail, The Shell Company of Thailand Limited, Grant McGregor said: “As the world’s leader in fuel technology, Shell is committed to innovation and making quality fuels available to all consumers. At the same time, we work in support of the government’s alternative energy policy and strive to meet the growing fuel demand of Thai motorists. Most recently, we have expanded retail availability of Shell E20 Gasohol, a high quality fuel that you can trust, to many more Shell stations and have already achieved nationwide coverage of all Thailand’s regions.”

“The growing popularity of E20 fuel is evident in 30% increase in the consumption,” McGregor continued. “We have therefore increased availability of Shell E20 Gasohol at more than 400 Shell stations nationwide. Motorists who prefer E20 now have more confident that they can refill their tanks with this high quality fuel in whichever part of Thailand they go with Shell E20 Gasohol.”

Shell E20 Gasohol is a product of over 100 years of experience in fuel innovation with over 200 passionate Shell fuel scientists worldwide who work constantly to develop Shell high quality fuels. It contains a unique formulation of additives designed to protect your engine against deposit buildup and corrosion. The world-class quality Shell E20 Gasohol has achieved the standards set by the Ministry of Energy. It is suitable for any car and motorcycle that is certified E20-compatible by its manufacturer. To verify compatibility of your car and motorcycle, consult the manufacturer or study the owner’s handbook provided.

“At Shell, we research and develop quality fuels for consumers and inexhaustibly introduce innovative products to respond to their demands. We hope very much that our expansion of Shell E20 Gasohol to many more Shell stations in all regions nationwide will give motorists much more convenient access to this fuel,” concluded McGregor.

[Source : Shell]


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