Opening for the new Jeep Lounge® space at JSet Blue Marlin Dubai


– After the summer début at the Blue Marlin in Ibiza, the first JSet in the Arab Emirates is opened in the cosmopolitan city of Dubai.

– For the occasion, there will be an exclusive party with music and international guests. The real “special guest” of the venue will be the flagship Grand Cherokee.

– Open all year, the JSet Blue Marlin Dubai will provide a Jeep-branded “shuttle service”.

– Launched in 2011, the international JSet project brings the Jeep brand to the most trendy locations in Europe, both during summer and in the winter season.

– Last week, the new JSet in Cortina d’Ampezzo was opened, in addition to the JSet in Courmayeur, that was the first of the Jeep Lounge spaces opened back in 2011.

– The next opening will be in January with the exclusive JSet in Moscow.

141212_Jeep_Set-Dubai_01 141212_Jeep_Set-Dubai_03

DUBAI, U.A.E.  —— The inauguration of the “JSet Blue Marlin” in Dubai took place last week. This new Jeep-customised space is hosted in the majestic “Dubai Golden Tulip Al Jazira Hotel And Resort”. Open all year, the exclusive location will be the ideal meeting place for Jeep enthusiasts and everyone who believes in the legendary American brand’s values of adventure, authenticity, freedom and passion.

This evening under the thrilling sky of the desert, international guests will be part of an exclusive party dedicated to the Jeep brand, which has as one of its greatest areas of success in this area. From the beginning of the year, Middle East is the best seller in the EMEA region, both for the Grand Cherokee and for the Wrangler, while it is the third one in terms of overall sales for the brand.

Jeep vehicles will be the real “special guests” of the opening, including the flagship Grand Cherokee and the iconic Wrangler, on display at the entrance of the club. Customised with Jeep stylistic elements on black and white, the Blue Marlin Dubai is an elegant “beach club” offering unique entertainment services such as the possibility of spending a day on the dunes and crystal-clear waters of the Ghantoot beach, as well as a night in one of Dubai’s major leisure venues. And from today, the Blue Marlin Dubai guests can take advantage of  the exclusive Jeep “shuttle service”.

The flagship Grand Cherokee is a model that represents the premium quality of the brand with refined and distinctive exterior matched with high interior quality (in terms of material, trim and equipment) that ensures the highest levels of well-being on board, safety for passengers and comfort when travelling. The Grand Cherokee is the best awarded SUV of all time and represents the most upscale spirit of the Jeep range, for going everywhere in the utmost comfort.

With JSet, the Jeep brand is making its mark in the most exclusive and trendy resorts across Europe. A format through which Jeep meets the public, in exclusive and seductive contexts, where you can “live and breathe” the values of an iconic American brand. By offering an exclusive “shuttle service”, JSet guests can discover and experience the extraordinary features of the Jeep models, even whilst relaxing and enjoying their holiday.

Launched in 2011 from the famous ski resort of Courmayeur, today the international JSet circuit encompasses some of the most famous destinations of the international jet set and locations for cultural and sporting events of international fame: from Monte Carlo to Marrakech, from Ibiza to Courmayeur, to the exclusive Cortina d’Ampezzo which has this year become part of the prestigious Jeep list. Some open all year and others only in the summer and winter seasons, the various locations have recorded thousands of guests and test drives in these years. An extraordinary success that has convinced the Jeep brand to repeat the activity also in 2014/2015, as demonstrated by the recent openings in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Courmayeur, Dubai and Moscow scheduled for 2015.

In particular, the JSets in Cortina d’Ampezzo and Courmayeur are distinguished by a refined and customised environment with stylistic elements typical of the Jeep brand. Located in the heart of the two mountain locations, the Jeep Lounge spaces will allow their guests to have moments of relax and entertainment, while experiencing thrilling on- and off-road test drives on board of Jeep models. The two winter JSets confirm the fact that a connection with the mountains and outdoor sports has always been in the DNA of the Jeep brand. Indeed, the mountains are the ideal setting – more than any other – for the technology, reliability and safety of a 4×4 to ensure the ability to cope with the most hostile routes and overcome the most extreme challenges.

[Source : Fiat Chrysler Automobiles]


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