New additions to the Jeep Renegade line-up

Jeep Renegade Jeep Renegade

– Trailhawk and Limited trim levels fitted with the innovative nine-speed automatic transmission, first in its class, is now available.

– The Trailhawk is the absolute best SUV in its class for off-road use.

– Open week end at Italian dealerships on 13 and 14 December and soon in all the other major European markets

– Since September, Jeep Renegade is the best selling Fiat Chrysler Automobiles SUV in Europe.

– In Italy, the launch of the Jeep model is the best in its class for the past two years and entered the top five in its category during the month of November. Even better results thinking that the models introduction within the range has not yet been completed.

– The success is the result of biggest pre-launch campaign ever for a Jeep model in the EMEA region with hundreds of events and more than 3700 test drives.

– Built in Italy and sold in over 100 countries worldwide, including the USA, the Jeep Renegade has a strong stylistic personality and its compact size is perfect for use in both towns and on off-road trails.

– It is the first FCA model to use the innovative “4×4 Small Wide” architecture which combines the best off-road features in its class and excellent road-holding qualities.

– For the Jeep Renegade, the Mopar brand has created a wide range of accessories and exclusive services capable of satisfying any customisation need.

Jeep Renegade Jeep Renegade

Turin, 5 December 2014  —— In all Jeep dealers, it is now available the new Renegade, fitted with an innovative nine-speed automatic transmission matched to a 2.0 Multijet second generation turbo engine delivering 140 or 170 HP and to “Jeep Active Drive Low” 4×4 system. Equipping the Trailhawk and Limited trim levels, the new transmission is entirely new in its class. It optimises the power generated by the engine to secure brilliant pick-up and smooth, effective power delivery at motorway speeds.

The important product news is also the focus on the new TV, radio and web advertising campaign which will be kicked off on 7 December in Italy followed by the main European countries.

The new Trailhawk is the Renegade with the strongest off-road vocation suited in the most adverse weather conditions and always engaged in case of need. It is packed with the right technical equipment to enhance these capabilities. Exclusively fitted with a 2.0 Multijet 170 HP engine and a nine-speed automatic transmission, the Trailhawk equipped with the best Jeep off-road technology is the pinnacle of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles engineering innovation.

The state-of-the-art technology enhances the bold, distinctive design of Renegade conveyed on the outside by robust dimensions, a tough-looking body and aggressive proportions. It is beyond doubt: Renegade is definitely Jeep, as confirmed by the brand’s typical seven slot grille and the large round headlights arranged on the upper part of the front. The Jeep DNA can be seen in style details which make proud reference to its legendary history: the rear light clusters in an “X” pattern inspired by military standard petrol cans and the “Since 1941” label on the frame surrounding the touchscreen to pay homage the origins of Jeep trademark.

The interiors of the new Renegade stand out for the special style, named “Tek-Tonic” by Jeep designers, which combines pleasant-to-the-touch, rounded shapes with robust, functional details. Functional audaciously designed elements, like the passenger grab handle, blend with large surfaces, like the soft upholstery on the integrated instrument panel. Indispensable for off-road adventures, the robust handle is taken from the bigger, legendary Jeep Wrangler.

Over 100 exclusive accessories are available from Mopar – the reference brand for services, Customer Care, genuine spare parts and accessories of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles – for many, distinctive customisation ideas, like the original “US Army Star” sticker to be applied to the body.

Modern, anti-conformistic design full of iconic details is one of the main reasons for the success of Jeep Renegade, which is selling very well. The model accounts for about half of total Jeep sales across Europe since it was launched, with Italy, where the car is produced, contributing for more than that.

The model’s excellent performance was anticipated by the exclusive limited “Opening Edition” created on the top of the range Limited trim level and available at launch only, which offered a remarkably advantageous price-to-content ratio for the first two thousand orders during the first few weeks from its debut.

The new Renegade is also reaping the benefits of the biggest pre-launch campaign every set up in Europe for a Jeep model. Starting from 1 June – four months before it actually appeared in European showrooms – the new car starred in a number of events in Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland and Spain. Hundreds of events were staged and over 3700 test drives were organised.

Nine-speed automatic transmission, for the first time in its class

For the first time in its class, Jeep Renegade fitted with a new nine-speed automatic transmission which optimises the power developed by the engine to secure brilliant pick-up and smooth, effective power delivery at motorway speeds at the same time.

Available on the Trailhawk and Limited versions paired with a 2.0 Multijet II 140 or 170 HP turbo diesel engine and “Jeep Active Drive Low” all-wheel drive, the new transmission ensures faster reactivity, quicker acceleration and smoother shifting. The generous differential delivers a powerful transmission ratio of 4.71 in first gear for high performance also at low rpm with short speed excursions.

A unique set of four overdrive ratios means better fuel efficiency on the motorway cycle and an overall reduction of noise, vibrations and hardness (NVH).

All electronic, the AT9 transmission implements a “shift-on-the-fly” map and allows manual shifts using the AutoStick. Over 20 single shifting maps for specific conditions optimise shifting point quality to the benefit of fuel efficiency, performance and handling

The transmission software is tuned to determine the most appropriate shifting mode according to employed torque, kick downs, longitudinal and lateral accelerations and changes of grade.

The transmission control strategy carefully monitors temperature, speed, electronic stability control activation to improve driving comfort and attention to details. The result is automatic gear shifts which are perfectly suited to the performance requirements of the current driving style.

The nine-speed automatic transmission combined with the 2.0 Multijet II turbo diesel 140 or 170 HP engine is always assisted by Jeep Active Drive Low all-wheel drive. In particular, the Jeep Active Drive Low adds Hill-Descent Control capabilities to Selec-Terrain and, in the Trailhawk, implements the “Rock” mode which maximises wheel traction to obtain the best grip.

Hill-Descent Control (HDC) allows a gradual, controlled descent on rough or slippery terrain without needing to press the brake pedal. When it is activated, the car can tackle steeper hills exploiting the ABS system to control the speed of each wheel and guarantee optimal dynamics and pace.

Jeep Renegade Trailhawk

This is the most off-road version of the range and the best SUV in its class for all-terrain driving. Its bold looks are complemented by a comprehensive pack of off-road features, which include the Jeep Active Drive Low system with 20:1 final drive ratio, the Selec-Terrain system with exclusive Rock and Hill Descent Control modes.

The special features for enhancing its capabilities include ground clearance increased by 35 mm in respect to the 4×2 version, off-road suspensions, protection plates and exclusive front and rear rubbing strips in addition to aggressive approach and departure angles. The off-road capabilities of the 4×4 TrailRated are guaranteed by a first gear ratio of 4.71:1 and a final drive ratio of 20:1, the best in its class.

Jeep Renegade Trailhawk is exclusively fitted with a 2.0 MultiJet II 170 HP engine combined with the new nine-speed automatic transmission which is tuned to the specific peculiarities of the model. The many standard features include 17-inch aluminium, black painted, diamond-pattern rims, M+S tyres, dark grey roof bars, dark satin grey mirror caps, “TrailRated” badge, halogen front fog lights, 7-inch multiple-view premium TFT colour display, leather gear knob, rear parking sensor, tinted rear windows, red front hook and two-zone automatic climate control.

Optional equipment include bonnet stickers, leather seats, LaneDepartureWarning-Plus system, satellite navigator with 5-inch or  6.5-inch touchscreen (with 3D reference points), My SkyTM sunroof and open-air system and Visibility and Function packs.

The biggest pre-launch campaign for a Jeep model in EMEA

Before reaching showrooms across Europe, Jeep Renegade starred in the biggest pre-launch campaign ever set up in EMEA for a Jeep model. The so called “Summer Tour” across the main European markets (Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland and Spain) was kicked off on 1 June with hundreds of events organised at dealerships, product previews and placements. Over 3700 test drives were organised. The events were very successful and attracted great crowds.

From the launch in Geneve in March, digital activities were the first to be undertaken, obtaining more than 3mio visits to the websites and almost 30 thousands registrations.

The many events included a treasure hunt organised by the German market which awarded a Jeep Renegade 2.0 MultiJet “Opening Edition” to the winner. The car was found in a hidden corner of Transylvania (Romania) by two young competitors from Saxony after five days on the road, 1300 kilometres and various adventures, all in perfect harmony with the most authentic Jeep values.

Also very successful was the European tour which took four Jeep Renegades to several major events a few months before production was kicked-off, like the “X-Fighter Games” in Madrid, the “Hamburg Harley Days” meeting in Germany, the exciting “Surf Worldcup Fehmarn” also in Germany, the “Surf Expo Santa Severa” in Rome, the “Carrara 4×4 Fest” in Italy and the International Boat Show in Genoa. Interestingly, the four Renegades sported special outfits which made reference to some iconic Jeep details, like the military petrol can “X” pattern and the famous US army star.

Exclusive previews were organised in selected Jeep dealerships, like the “Jeep Renegade Experience Tour” in France, the “Jeep Dealer Tour” and the “Jeep Renegade Dealer Challenge” in Germany. Finally, a special installation with a huge poster (over 300 square metres) with a Jeep Renegade on top was placed in a clearly visible position on the A1 motorway from CDG airport to the Paris city centre during the Paris Motor show.

Last but not least, Jeep Renegade also featured at the Rolling Stones’ “14 On Fire” European Tour last summer. As Presenting Sponsor and exclusive automotive partner of the tour, Jeep chose to present the new Renegade in preview at all shows after 22 June at the Circo Massimo in Rome.

[Source : Fiat Chrysler Automobiles]


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