qikplay.com moves in line with e-commerce market growth renovating website to delight online shoppers

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BANGKOK, 1 December 2014 —— Qikplay.com moves forward in response to e-commerce business growth, renovating website to favour online shoppers, offering more User-friendly features replacing Function-oriented for easy uses on every type of Smart device, combining full-fledged Thai and international entertainment to serve 50% increase of Internet use, coupled with 10-20% e-commerce growth this year.

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Ms.Aurawan Wiratanapokin, Digital Director of BEC-Tero Music, BEC-Tero Entertainment,  disclosed “According to consumer behaviour and market trend, businesses incorporating e-commerce as distribution channel for their products and services will benefit and grow in line with the overall picture.  Music industry, in particular, has developed to Digital Revolution.  Based upon information of Electronic Transactions Development Agency (Public Organisation) or ETDA, Internet usage by Thai people increases from 32.3 hours per week in 2013 to 50.4 hours per week in 2014, a 56% increase with average of 7.2 hours per day. In addition, average product purchase by consumers increases to THBaht 4,000,- per time. Such information indicates consumer behaviour change, being more confident in online goods purchase. Besides analysts forecast additional 10-20% growth for the overall e-commerce business, from current average 20-25% growth, total market value of THBaht 740 billion.

In the meantime, the Company has renovated Qikplay.com to accommodate the E-Commerce an ongoing growth due to the driving factors as above, behaviour and lifestyle of consumers in the Digital Revolution. Qikplay.com is considered the first e-commerce provider in music industry, operating Online Store as the contents centre in digital and CD format.  As a continuous development, we adjust web interface to be more User-friendly for easier use, compared with Function-oriented in the previous version.  Moreover, new functions are added such as song playlist on website playing with no advertisement interruption or no adds ever!, menu organised in product types and more variety of promotions.  Qikplay.com allows more convenient and easier product purchase every time and place. We believe that the new face of Qikplay.com will completely satisfy lifestyle of today’s music lovers and online shoppers.

“We aim to grow on an ongoing basis every year, driven by significant growth of e-commerce market in Thailand. Qikplay.com is positioned to be the Specialised e-commerce targeting at fully-integrated music industry because we carry music products and services in the form of digital and CD (physical) as well as artist related products to favour fans of each artist.  Most importantly, all products are copyrighted.  Regarding payment, Qikplay.com provides just about all payment modes covering every customer group including credit card, counter service and Internet Banking.  For more information, Please visit www.qikplay.com.” Ms.Aurawan concluded.

[Source : Qikplay.com]


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