Goodyear Thailand supports Defensive Driver Training Programme at Valaya Alongkorn Rajabhat University

part of the “Come Home Safely with Goodyear” campaign

Goodyear Defensive Driving Training

BANGKOK —— Goodyear Thailand has expanded its educational outreach around road safety to more Thai drivers with the launch of a Defensive Driver Training Programme as part of the company’s “Come Home Safely with Goodyear” campaign. The programme began recently with Goodyear executives and instructors conducting a driving skills training workshop for students at the Valaya Alongkorn Rajabhat University, Under Royal Patronage.

“At Goodyear, it is part of our mission to encourage safety and one way we do this is to contribute to the improvement of road safety. We are committed to delivering the highest safety standards to both our own customers and other road users through the performance of our tyres.  We also recognise that we can help to improve road safety through education and sharing our knowledge and experience,” said Finbarr O’Connor, managing director of Goodyear Thailand.

“The role of the driver is key in delivering improved road safety. Even the most advanced safety technologies will not offer protection if they are not applied properly. Through our Defensive Driver Training Programme, we hope to play a role in enhancing road safety standards in Thailand.

“All drivers though can take simple actions to help improve the safety of their vehicles, such as through good tyre maintenance. This includes checking tyres on a regular basis to ensure optimal tyre pressure and compliance with legal minimum tread depths, and also ensuring they choose quality tyres that are appropriate for their driving style and conditions,” concluded O’Connor.

[Source : Goodyear]


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