Factory relocation heralds new era for Lifeline


COVENTRY, U.K., 24 November 2014 —— Following unprecedented demand for their products over the past five years, Lifeline Fire & Safety Systems Ltd are relocating their headquarters to new premises in Falkland Close, in their home town of Coventry, UK.

Having located to Burnsall Road 16 years ago, Lifeline attribute their recent growth – against global economic trends – to investment in R&D in fire suppression techniques, diversification into other areas of motorsport safety and also into the defence and industrial markets.

The move will bring major benefits to direct customers and distributors alike, as there will not only be greater stockholding facilities, but new products will be able to be brought to market quicker, due to improved testing resources and streamlined production processes.

Jim Morris, Lifeline’s managing director, says the move can’t come quick enough: “We have been at or near bursting point for some time now, but it has been important for us to find the right property in the right location, as retention of our workforce – probably our greatest asset – was key to continuity of supply to our customers.”


The new factory will not only have separate production lines for motorsport and defence fire extinguishers, but complementary motorsport products such as race mirrors and steering wheel bosses will also have their own dedicated line.

“This is giving us such a great opportunity to pull new ideas through quicker,” continues Morris, “and there will be greater integration between our design, testing and production teams, which will facilitate fast and accurate decision-making.”

As safety demands from motorsport regulatory authorities become more and more stringent and as fuel formulae become more complex, Lifeline will once again be poised to deliver a driver envelope as safe from fire as can be.


The new address is:

Falkland Close,
Charter Avenue Industrial Estate,
Coventry CV4 8AU, UK


Since the company was formed in 1984, Lifeline has become the leading manufacturer of fire safety equipment and fire safety systems to the motorsport industry.

The first generation of systems produced by Lifeline were manufactured using Halon 1211 as the extinguishing agent. Following the Montreal Protocol, Halon was decommissioned as an extinguishing agent. Lifeline then took the pioneering route of introducing a lightweight, environmentally-friendly, foam-based extinguishant, Zero 2000.

Current Lifeline motorsport systems use either Zero 2000 foam-based extinguishant, or the advanced Zero 360 gaseous extinguishant (3M™ Novec™ 1230). Both products are fully FIA-approved for international motorsport. A range of SFI-approved Zero 360 has also been created for the North American market.

Lifeline also offers a comprehensive range of fire-suppression systems, using gas, foam or powder extinguishing agents for all other kinds of transportation, such as trains, buses, armoured vehicles and boats. Systems can also be supplied for the protection of machinery and any other enclosed space which requires fire protection.

As well as Lifeline’s range of fire safety equipment and fire safety systems, they also produce quick-release steering bosses for all types of competition vehicle, high-intensity FIA approved rear LED rain lights, FIA homologated rollcage padding and high-quality digital tyre pressure gauges.

Lifeline’s continuous commitment to research and development ensures that its customers have the most innovative and cutting-edge products available, the same products used by the majority of world and national championship-winning drivers and constructors.

Winner of the Motorsport Industry Association (MIA) “Small Business of the Year” award in 2007 and “New Markets” award in 2011 and winner of the “Most Innovative Product of the Year” award at the 2008 World Motorsport Symposium, Lifeline is ISO:9001 accredited and is an Investor in People employer.

[Source : CDWrite/Lifeline Fire & Safety Systems]

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