Honda celebrates production of 50 million motorcycles and power products in Thailand

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BANGKOK, Thailand, 17 November 2014 —— Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the Honda motorcycle and power products manufacturer in Thailand, held an event with suppliers, dealers and Honda associates to commemorate the cumulative production of 50 million motorcycles and power products. This event marked another key milestone in Honda’s 50-year partnership with Thailand and underlined the country’s importance as one of Honda’s major global production bases for motorcycles and power products.

The ceremony, under the concept of “50 Million Celebration, Synergies for Success” to celebrate 25 million units of motorcycle production and 25 million units of power products production, was presided over by Dr. Atchaka Sriboonruang, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Industry, Noriaki Abe, President & C.E.O. of Asian Honda Motor Co., Ltd. and Chief Operating Officer Regional Operations (Asia & Oceania) of Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Yoshiyuki Matsumoto, Managing Officer & Representative of Development, Purchasing and Production (Asia & Oceania) of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. and Shunichi Eguchi, President of Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

“We would like to express our gratitude to our customers in Thailand and around the world. With your support and trust, today Thai Honda Manufacturing has become one of our most important global production bases for producing advanced and environmentally-friendly motorcycles and power products. Throughout our 50 years in Thailand, 50 million units of high-quality motorcycles and power products have been delivered to our customers in over 80 countries. Thai Honda Manufacturing will continue manufacturing products that will deliver maximum satisfaction to customers, quickly and with low CO2 emissions,” said Noriaki Abe.

In 2013, Honda delivered approximately 17 million motorcycles and 6 million power products to customers worldwide, with 10% of the motorcycles and 40% of the power products being manufactured by Thai Honda Manufacturing. This emphasises the significance and important contribution of Thai Honda to Honda’s worldwide production of motorcycles and power products.

Since its establishment as Honda’s first production facility in Thailand in 1965, Thai Honda Manufacturing has been producing high-quality motorcycles and currently has an annual production capacity of 1.7 million units. In 2010, Thai Honda Manufacturing began producing 250cc engines for mid-sized motorcycles. Only 2 years later, the company started a global model production line which only produces global motorcycle models. Thai Honda Manufacturing increased its production competency in 2014 by manufacturing large-sized motorcycles with 650cc engines, such as the CBR650 series. Various types and models of motorcycles from Thai Honda have been exported to global customers in numerous countries, including ASEAN countries, Japan, Europe, North America and Australia.

Thai Honda Manufacturing began producing power products in 1987. Since then, the company has delivered a wide range of excellent power products such as general-purpose engines, water pumps, and brush cutters for customers worldwide. In 2012, Thai Honda Mfg. inaugurated a new power products production plant, to which the development function of Honda R&D Southeast Asia Co., Ltd. was transferred, in order to better integrate the development and production function for more efficient operations. Moreover, Honda announced the export of new backpack sprayers WJR4025T and WJR2525T, the first power product model to be fully researched and developed by Honda R&D Southeast Asia, to global markets from the end of August 2014. Almost 5,800 units have been exported to ASEAN countries, India, Mexico and Latin America countries (as of November 2014).

To thank its customers for their great support and confidence, Thai Honda Mfg. is dedicated to providing products of the highest quality for worldwide greatest customer satisfaction with the commitment of associates in order to become a company that society wants to exist.

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About Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Location:  Bangkok, Thailand

Representative: Shunichi Eguchi, President

Paid up capital:  THBaht 150 million

Capitalisation Ratio: 83% Honda group companies

Business: Production of motorcycles, power products, and components

Start of Production: Motorcycles: May 1967

Power products: February 1987

Production Capacity: 1.7 million motorcycles per year

3.0 million power products per year

Employment: Approximately 8,450 associates

Production models: Motorcycles: PCX, CBR250, CBR300, CBR500, CBR650, MSX,

Wave (110,125), Scoopy i, Click125, and others

Power products: GX engine series, Brush Cutters, Backpack

Sprayers, and Water Pumps

[Source : Thai Honda]


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