Renault Foundation forges three new academic partnerships in Algeria

– The Renault Foundation signed three new partnership agreements with higher education institutions in Algeria: University of Oran, HEC Algiers, and École Nationale Polytechnique.

– The Renault Group, an active partner in Algeria’s economic development, undertakes with the academic world, by integrating Algerian students into the programmes of higher education supported by the Renault Foundation.


ALGIERS, Algeria —— The Renault Group actively contributes to the economic development of the countries in which the company leads its industrial and commercial activities by offering higher education opportunities through its Foundation.

The Renault Foundation develops and supports original training programmes in three key areas: multicultural management, road safety and sustainable mobility. These programmes are intended for students resulting from 12 countries. The Foundation has already built longstanding connections with universities in Japan, Korea, Brazil, France, India, Lebanon, Morocco, Romania, Russia, China, and Turkey. These schools assist the Foundation in identifying and selecting the most talented candidates to participate in its higher education programmes.

Under the newly signed partnerships, graduates of the University of Oran, HEC Alger, and École Nationale Polytechnique in Algeria are now eligible candidates for the programmes of the Renault Foundation:

– MBA in International Management (Paris Dauphine University, in collaboration with the IAE Paris Sorbonne – Renault Foundation),

– Transport and Sustainable Development Master (ParisTech – Renault Foundation),

– Mobility and Electric Vehicles Master (ParisTech – Renault Foundation),

– Road Safety Management Master (Saint Joseph University Beirut, Lebanon – Renault Foundation).

Vice President Corporate Social Responsibility and Managing Director of Renault Foundation, Claire Martin said, “I am glad to count henceforth these three renowned Algerian universities and high education schools among the academic partners of the Renault Foundation worldwide. I am convinced that our exchanges will contribute towards sharing the know-how of each with the young generations.”

Today, the Foundation’s international alumni association includes more than 800 Renault ‘ambassadors’ of 24 different nationalities and spans the 12 partner countries where the Renault Group operates.

[Source : Renault]


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