Honda earns Perfect Climate Disclosure Score of 100 points in CDP Global 500 Climate Change Report 2014


TOKYO, Japan, 30 October 2014 —— Honda Motor Co., Ltd., announced that it has earned a perfect climate disclosure score of 100 in the CDP Global 500 Climate Change Report 2014, which analyses the initiatives of the world’s 500 largest companies in addressing countermeasures against global warming and the disclosure of information regarding greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. With a high disclosure score for the fourth consecutive year, Honda was listed as one of the companies in the CDP’s “Climate Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI),” which names the world’s most advanced companies in the area of disclosures related to global climate change.

Earning a perfect disclosure score indicates that Honda was recognised for its commitment to proper disclosures and the ability to utilise its climate data in making corporate decisions toward the realisation of a low carbon society.

President & CEO of Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Takanobu Ito said, “With the recognition of environmental issues as one of the highest management priorities among all other business priorities and challenges, Honda has long been committed to minimising our environmental footprint. It is a great honour that our efforts led to earning this perfect CDP disclosure score for the first time. Toward the fulfilment of the Honda Environmental and Safety Vision – realising “the Joy and Freedom of Mobility” and “a Sustainable Society where People Can Enjoy Life” – Honda will continue taking on new challenges to further reduce the environmental footprint of our products and corporate activities.”

Chief executive officer of CDP, Paul Simpson said, “Global greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise and we face steep financial risk if we do not mitigate them. The need for data on corporate climate change impacts and strategies to reduce them has never been greater. For this reason we congratulate those businesses that have achieved a position on CDP’s Climate Disclosure Leadership Index. These companies are responding to the ever-growing demand for environmental accountability and should inspire others to follow suit.”

*  CDP is an international non-profit organisation that provides the only global system currently available to measure, disclose, manage and share key climate information of businesses and cities around the world. CDP now works with 767 institutional investors with US$92 trillion in assets in the market-economy to encourage businesses to disclose information about their impact on the environment and natural resources and to take measures to reduce such impact.

[Source : Honda]


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