Shell launches ‘Shell Helix HX8 Diesel 5W-30’ for ‘Entry to Fully-Synthetic’ diesel motorists

6L Helix Ultra D SM Thailand

BANGKOK, 29 October 2014 –—- The Shell Company of Thailand Limited, recently announced the launch of ‘Shell Helix HX8 Diesel 5W-30’, the new fully-synthetic diesel motor oil, for ‘Entry to Fully-Synthetic’ diesel motorists who want to shift from mineral and semi-synthetic oils to a fully-synthetic product.

It is suitable for diesel-powered sedans, SUVs and common-rail diesel pick-up trucks. The new ‘Shell Helix HX8 Diesel 5W-30’ comes along with Active Cleansing Technology, which provides exceptional cleansing and prevention against sludge build-up that can lessen the performance of diesel engine.

Additionally, its low viscosity and low friction help enhanced fuel economy with up to 1%1 improvement. Shell Helix HX8 Diesel 5W-30 is retailed in two sizes, 6-litre gallon and 1-litre bottle, at introductory prices of THBaht 1,450,- and THBaht265,- respectively.

1 Based on ACEA M111 fuel economy results compared with Shell Helix HX7

[Source : Shell]


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