‘RTB Technology’ rides the workout trend joining force with Jaymart introducing ‘Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless’ 

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World’s first stereo earbuds tracking heart rate

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BANGKOK, 21 October 2014 —— RTB Technology indicates a boom in workout trend, reiterating “Jabra” brand to ascend Thailand’s market leader in wireless earphones, joining hands with “Jaymart,” Thailand’s leading mobile phones and accessories distributor, launching “Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless,” World’s first smart earbuds that monitor heart rate when working with Jabra Sport Life Application, turning heart rate data to useful information for workout performers.  Designed for comfort fit, waterproof and shock protection ideal for just about all types of workout, the “Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless” ensures to meet lifestyle of today’s consumers.

Dr. Banphot Vatanasombut, Managing Director of RTB Technology Company Limited disclosed, “At present most consumers tend to be more health conscious, proven by massive workout incidence such as biking and marathon running. Today “RTB Technology” cooperates with “Jaymart,” Thailand’s leading mobile phones and accessories distributor, introducing “Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless,” the intelligent earbuds that not only monitors your heart rate but also converts heart data to key information to help you improve fitness plan, unlike other activity tracking devices in the market which only inform results but do not evaluate how to take action on the measured heart rate.  Users can listen to music while working out and get information on heart rate, running distance and speed as well as suggestion to increase or reduce workout level in order to maintain heart rate in specified zone, just like having a personal trainer to monitor athlete’s training.  All functions are reported by in-ear voice for highest convenience. The earbuds can be connected to iOS and Android operating Smartphones through Jabra Sport Life Application.  The earbuds can be used in all weather conditions, even in rain with IP55 standard, protecting water splash. Easy and convenient with Bluetooth 4.0 and latest NFC technology.  Talk and listen to music up to 5 continuous hours.  Impressed with premium Dolby sound quality engineered for wireless device, delivering best sound quality in all situations.  Enjoy your favourite music with deep bass and crisp and clear high sound.  Use them as Small Talk with remote control to adjust sound or change music track. The light weight in-ear buds are designed to lock firmly when wearing in ears.” 

“The cooperation between “RTB Technology” and “Jaymart” sends a good signal in business operations.  The Company policy this year focuses on co-marketing with strong partners from various industries in capitalising on business synergy. RTB will leverage on Jaymart’s strength as Thailand’s leading mobile phones and accessories distributor possessing strong distribution channel countrywide. According to year-to-date sales volume of RTB, the wireless music sport earbuds market has contributed to 5% of turnover.  It is expected that next year the overall market for wireless music sport earbuds will definitely grow by 200%, driven by the fact that Thai people take better care of own health and work out more,”  Dr. Banphot added.

Narathip Wirunechatapant, Senior Marketing Manager of Jaymart (Public) Company Limited, Thailand’s leading mobile phones and accessories distributor said, “We spot the upside potential of electronic wearable device market, especially the workout segment.  Today Wearable Device works in conjunction and completes Smartphone features.  We can see more product variety in Quarter 4 as the players release their products to market.”

“Jaymart has added more Wearable Device in product line, highlighting on customers who love workout and prefer lifestyle and fashion products.  Therefore, Jaymart cooperates with RTB Technology, the premium earphones importer, organising the launch of “Jabra Sport Pulse” and market activities to reach target group and boost accessories sales this year.  Jaymart records mobile phone accessories sales at THBaht 150 million for first half of the year and expect THBaht 200 million for the second half, totaling annual sales of THBaht 350 or a 15% growth for accessories products.”

“Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless” is available in black colour today at THBaht 7,490,-.  Interested customers may purchase at Jaymart shops.

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[Source : RTB Technology]


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