Honda expresses its gratitude to Thai customers for 50-years of continuous support

– Honda in Thailand has delivered customers the joy of experiencing its products- a combined total of 53 million units sold of all products over 50 years

Honda 50 Years LOGO v4

BANGKOK, 17 October 2014 –— On the occasion of Honda’s 50th anniversary in Thailand in 2014, the Honda Group of Companies in Thailand expresses its gratitude to Thai customers for their trust and tremendous support and commits to strive to create the products with an aim to deliver happiness and satisfaction to Thai customers and society.

Honda started its operations in Thailand in October of 1964 by establishing Asian Honda Motor Co., Ltd. as a motorcycle distributor. With a warm welcome and the trust of Thai customers, Honda’s business then expanded to Power Products and Automobile respectively. Currently, Honda in Thailand has delivered a total of 29.3 million units of three major products to Thai customers comprising of 22.5 million units of motorcycles since 1964, 5.3 million units of power products since 1966, and 1.5 million units of automobiles since 1983.

President and CEO of Asian Honda Motor Co., Ltd. and Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Noriaki Abe said that, “Thailand is a very important market for Honda in Asia and Oceania region, and an important production base for exports. Honda products manufactured by Honda’s factories in Thailand have been exported to more than 80 countries worldwide with a total value of more than THBaht 1 trillion and accumulated export sales of 24.15 million units, comprising 2 million units of motorcycles, 21.5 million units of power products and 650,000 units of automobiles. Currently, Honda in Thailand delivers customers the joy of experiencing our products for a total of 53 million units. This important milestone has been achieved with the great support and confidence from Thai customers throughout our 50 years in Thailand. We would like to take this opportunity to express our deep gratitude and will commit to deliver the products that exceed Thai customers’ expectations along with enhancing a range of corporate social responsibility activities as we have established Honda Khiang Khang Thai Fund, reinforcing our vision to become a company that society wants to exist.”

The Honda Khiang Khang Thai Fund was initiated in 2012 in order to support help to Thai people in time of disasters and educate people living in the risk areas to be prepared for disasters. Honda makes a contribution to the Fund of THBaht 1,000,- for every Honda car sold, THBaht 100,- for every Honda motorcycle sold, and THBaht 10,- for every Honda power product sold. The amount of contribution to the fund has reached THBaht 762 million (1 April 2012- 30 September 2014). This fund has been continually used for helping people in time of disasters and for many beneficial activities such as cold relief victims, disaster relief package for flood victims and many more activities with total accumulated aid spending of more than THBaht 100 million.

Chief Operating Officer of Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Pitak Pruittisarikorn said, “Honda has introduced a wide range of automobile products to serve all lifestyles for customers in Thailand by delivering happiness in using Honda cars for more than 1.5 million units to Thai customers through our 200 showrooms and service centres nationwide with the aim of offering highest satisfaction to all customers. We will continue creating and developing advanced technology and environmental friendly products which help people enjoy life. “The Power of Dreams” is the driving force for Honda to move forward. The spirit of ‘The Power of Dreams’ has also been transferred over the years to Thai youth’ creativity and imagination under the project “Honda Super Idea Contest”, which has been held annually for 10 consecutive years. To mark the 50th year anniversary, we have started a new project of donating golf equipment to schools nationwide.”

President of A.P. Honda Co., Ltd. Nobuhide Nagata said, “Honda would like to thank Thai customers for their trust in Honda motorcycles. Since the start of Honda’s motorcycle business in Thailand in 1964, we have delivered happiness to more than 22.5 million households with the aim of providing products of the highest standards that surpass customer expectations. Honda is also concerned about preserving and protecting the environment and supporting a sustainable society. Honda has introduced high technology initiatives to motorcycle in Thailand starting from the 4-stroke engine in replacement with 2-stroke engine, following by the PGM-Fi (Programmed Fuel injection) system, then the Idling Stop System, and other safety technologies. To provide customers with the prompt service in all area, we are also the first to offer the one-stop service with 5S standard through our 1,200 dealers nationwide. Besides, A.P. Honda also continues enhancing the corporate social responsibility activities together with a nationwide dealer network and our Safety Thailand project which is the safety training course tailored for Thai communities. We have built 13 safety riding centres and arranged a training course for 27,000 instructors and 21 million customers. Other CSR activities include blood donations and activities for youth development. From now on, we strive to develop our products that meets our customers’ needs and beyond their expectation. Our products will be outstanding, environmental friendly, safety for rider and full of fun. In this 50th anniversary occasion, we prepare to offer a special campaign to demonstrate our gratitude for all of our customers soon.”

General Manager of Power Products Business Division of Asian Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Hiroshi Kamiya said “Power Products business in Thailand has started since 1966, during which Thai customers have been enjoying the high quality power products for their wide range of usage such as agriculture, civil engineering, and household needs. The high-quality power products such as general-purpose engines, water pumps, and brush cutters has been sold to Thai customers for more than 5.3 million units through 230 direct dealerships. Currently cumulative production of power products in Thailand by Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which started the production of Power Products since 1987, has recently reached 25 million units in August 2014. We would like to thank you all customers for the trust in Honda’s Power Products and will commit to continuously deliver the good products that will bring the joy and satisfaction to Thai customers.”

On our 50th anniversary occasion, we will present a variety of activities and campaigns to demonstrate our gratitude for all of our customers starting from this October. Honda will use Honda 50-year logo in communication channels. The logo reflects our gratitude to Thai customers for their trust in us over the past 50 years. Honda promises to create many good things in order to give happiness to Thai society.

[Source : Honda]


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