‘RFS’ joins hands with ‘ECRI’ upgrading medical personnel opening Thailand’s first medical equipment Training Centre




BANGKOK, 10 October 2014 —— RFS, an affiliated corporation of Mahidol University, founded and owned by Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital, in collaborate with ECRI Institute, arrange Thailand’s first medical equipment training in order to upgrade quality and enhance personnel potential in Biomedical Engineering profession, targeting to train 250 personnel with 6 intensive courses into public health industry within the first 2 years, being ready for the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015.


Assistant Professor Youwanush  Kongdan, Managing Director of RFS Company Limited, a company founded and owned by Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi, operating Hospital Facilities Management to support various hospitality requirements, disclosed, “The Company has collaborate with ECRI Institute, a non-profit organization headquartered in the U.S.A., applying scientific research to formulate patient care methods and ensure standard for medical devices and equipment. The opening of Thailand’s first Medical Equipment Training Centre is to give knowledge on medical equipment management and maintenance in order to upgrade quality and enhance personnel potential in biomedical engineering profession.”

According to information from medical services industry, there are 150,000 personnel required to be certified for working in this area.  In Thailand, we have physicians specialising in various diseases such as Laparoscopic Surgery and Organ Transplant Surgery, internationally accepted with over 3 million foreign patients travelling to Thailand for medication, driving significant growth of healthcare industry in Thailand and medical equipment industry totaling THBaht 30 billion in value.  Besides physicians, the personnel taking care of medical devices and equipment are important and need to be well trained to ensure as highly efficient and effective operations as possible.

“Realising that personnel serve as major gear in medical equipment management and maintenance due to the aforementioned factors, RFS arranges 6 training courses including ventilator course, anesthesia machine course, physiologic monitoring system course, infant incubator and defibrillator course, infusion pump, pulse oximeter, electrocardiograph and blood pressure monitor course and technology management course. The participants will get the certificate of attendant issued by ECRI Institute.  During the initial 2 years, we target to train about 250 personnel into healthcare industry. We believe that the training courses will help raise personnel standard for biomedical engineer profession.  Following Thailand entering the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015, professional workers will be able to travel abroad for working.  Capabilities of Thai personnel are competitive in the international arena.”     


[Source : RFS Company Limited]


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