Shell targets diesel motorists into fully-synthetic class with ‘Shell Helix HX8 Diesel 5W-30’

Shell Helix HX8 Diesel

BANGKOK, 8 October 2014 —— The Shell Company of Thailand Limited, led by its Executive Director – Lubricants, Troy Chapman (left), and Siriwipha Yuktadatta, Sales Manager – Lubricants (right), recently announced the launch of ‘Shell Helix HX8 Diesel 5W-30’, the new fully-synthetic diesel motor oil in a bid to capture the rising demand for diesel engine oils.

‘Shell Helix HX8 Diesel 5W-30’ is aimed at the mass market and ‘entry to fully-synthetic’ diesel motorists who wants to shift from mineral and semi-synthetic oils to a fully-synthetic product.

Additionally, Shell hopes to increase the share of fully-synthetic oils in diesel cars and expects to grow more in fully-synthetic oils segment this year.

[Source : Shell]


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