The 22nd Indonesia International Motor Show 2014: Fostering love and compassion towards others through social programmes


JAKARTA, 22 September 2014 – Automotive exhibition usually enlivened with entertainment programmes to attract visitors to come to the booth and enjoy the latest products and technologies offered by the participating manufacturers. However, amid the festivities of the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2014, GAIKINDO as the host of the exhibition always include social activities to show their love and compassion to others. This is one of the reasons IIMS holds annual social programmes such as Tour for the Disabled.

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As part of the above programme, IIMS 2014 invited 68 members of the Indonesia Disabled People Association (Persatuan Penyandang Disabilitas Indonesia, PPDI), DKI Jakarta branch, to visit IIMS 2014. Guided by the committee, PPDI’s members conducted a tour around the exhibition area and visited some booths such as the Mazda Indonesia’s booth, Mitsubishi booth (both commercial and passenger booths), Ford Indonesia, Chrysler, and Toyota’s booths.

In each and every booth they visited, the members received warm welcome from the representative of the respective booth. At Mazda’s booth, they were welcomed by Fedi Parilaksana, PR Expert Mazda Indonesia, who said their coming to the booth would enable them to acquire new knowledge about the latest automotive products being displayed on IIMS 2014. Bonar Pakpahan, Product Planning Expert Mazda Indonesia, continued the session by explaining about the history and technology of Mazda.

At Ford’s booth, PPDI’s members were greeted by Lea Kartika Indra, Communications Director PT Ford Motor Indonesia. She then explained about the safety and comfort feature of Ford’s products. She said Ford’s global R&D team conducted a series of evaluation to ensure that their vehicles are able to provide comfort driving experience, including for pregnant women and the elders.

PPDI members who participated in this event were seen to enjoy the show, the largest automotive show in the country. Uchi Sanusi, one of PPDI’s member said she was excited to be able to come to IIMS with her friends. She is hoping to be able to purchase one of the cars someday, with affordable price. Meanwhile, Didi Leindert, Chairman of PPDI Jakarta branch, who accompanied PPDI’s members on the tour, expressed his appreciation to the committee for giving them the chance to come to IIMS 2014.

“This visitation helps us to know more about the country’s automotive industry and its development,” said Didi during the visitation. One of their hopes after joining the tour is that someday the committee or car manufacturers would donate a vehicle to be used as the foundation’s operational vehicle.

Besides Tour for the Disabled, the committee has consistently holds other social programmes that may save another human life, namely the blood donation programme. In this year’s exhibition, blood donor programmes will be conducted three times on 23, 25, and 27 September 2014. The programme will take place at the foyer of Press Room, on the 2nd floor of the Trade Centre Building (GPN) from 10 AM to 1 PM. The blood donation programme is open for all visitors and exhibitors.

Abiyoso Wietono, Automotive Division Manager, Dyandra Promosindo, said through routine social programmes the committee wants to show that IIMS is not an event for high class society only.

“Social programmes in IIMS reflect the love and compassion of the country’s automotive industry players to others. We are all part of the community and everything we do is an effort to realise a better life,” said Abiyoso.

Logistic Service to Ease Shipment of Goods

To comfort visitors who want to send documents or items they purchased at the exhibition, the committee again in collaboration with logistic company, JNE, for domestic and international services. As the official courier of IIMS 2014, JNE offers 10 per cent discount to customers by showing their IIMS 2014 ticket. The service is available at the foyer of Hall B and the operational hour follows the exhibition’s operational hour.

Sandi, one of the visitors of this year’s IIMS said the service is very beneficial.

“I bought some car accessories that are quite heavy. It will be difficult for me to take it home by myself since I am using public transportation. The official courier service fixes my problem,” said the Bogor resident.

“As an international exhibition, logistic service is crucial since the visitors are not only from Jakarta but also from other cities, even abroad. Visitors can use this service to send documents related to their work or to send items they purchased during the exhibition,” added Abiyoso.

[Source : Dyandra Promosindo]


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