K-1 World Max Final is coming to Thailand

Photo Caption K-1 World Max Final

BANGKOK, 9 September 2014 —— The most exciting and world-renowned K-1 World Max Final is coming to Thailand on 11 October 2014. It will be another historic day for Thailand’s fans to witness our very own Buakaw Banchamek going up against Enriko Kehl at the Indoor Athletics Stadium, Pattaya, Chonburi. This monumental event will be telecast live worldwide and can be viewed via Ch.7 between 22:30 -24:30.  This will be an epic victory for Buakaw and for Thailand should he be able to overcome his rival; as he will be the first Thai fighter to ever win 3 (three) K-1 championships.


Nenad Kuruc, Managing Director of K-1 Global Holding, Ms Pat Patcha, K-1 Thailand representative, and Nattapol Dejvitak, Managing Director of Solana Marketing Company Limited jointly held a press conference for the K-1 World Max Final event in Thailand whose key objective is to find the toughest competitor to earn himself a title of the best MMA fighter in the world.  In addition, the event will serve as a launching platform for all interested in the sports to develop keener sense of sportsmanship, to witness the demonstration of world-class fighting skills, to gain experience like no other, and to foster strong determination to thrive towards being the best that they can be.  Not only that, but this will be the best opportunity for Thailand to come together in unity to be as best host as we can for the very excited group of global audience.  We shall once again show the world the true strength of our Thai boxing and at the same time pushing the sport to the world stage, promoting tourism for our country, and providing all international tourists confidence in visiting Thailand.

Nenad Kuruc, Managing Director of K-1 Global Holding

Nenad Kuruc, Managing Director of K-1 Global Holding

Nenad stated that K-1 boxing focuses mainly on clean fighting, respecting the specific set of rules; such as no wrestling and no throwing elbow; holding and kneeing are allowed only once.  Previously, the K-1 World Max Final was to be held in Miami, Florida, USA; but K-1 (Thailand) was able to move the event back to our home soil through a cooperation of K-1 Global Holding.  Everyone is now pumped up, excited for the Thai people, and looking forward to writing another unforgettable page to Thailand’s history book.

Ms Pat Patcha, K-1 Thailand representative

Ms Pat Patcha, K-1 Thailand representative

Ms Pat Patcha said that this event will be extra special for many reasons; first, it will be the first time that K-1 Max World Final is held in Thailand; second, it will be a decisive bout for our two-time champion, Buakaw Banchamek (Sombat Banchamek).  For if he can emerge victorious from the fight, it will be the first time ever that any fighter can win the K-1 Championship three times.  By the same token, in the case the Eriko Kehl could win, he will be the first German fighter ever to win K-1 Championship.

Nattapol Dejvitak stated in delight on behalf of Solana Marketing Company Limited how he has been greatly honoured to be part of such high profile event.  He assured the organiser teams’ readiness and eagerness to display one of the best possible sporting events ever held in Thailand, and also expressed his deep appreciation for all friends and supporters of the event; namely Thai Airways Public Company Limited, Singha Corporation Company Limited and Salvo Mineral Drinks, Muang Thai Life Insurance Public Company Limited, Tiffy under Thai Nakhon Pattana Company Limited, and Montian Hotel Pattaya.

K-1 World Max Final will be held at the Indoor Athletics Stadium, the National Sporting Center of the Eastern region, in Pattaya, Chonburi province on 11 October 2014 starting at 18:00.  Tickets can be purchased at all branches of Thai Ticket Major where prices are set at THBaht 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 5,000, and 10,000 per ticket.  Live broadcast via Channel 7 will be between 22:30-24:30.  Please see more detail at www.k-1.tv, www.facebook.com/k1thailand, www.facebook.com/K1GlobalTV.ENG or call K-1 at 081-439-7777.

Aside from the three aforementioned reasons making this event extra special, this time Ms Pat Patcha will be making her debut as the very first female promoter in the K-1 history as well.

Buakaw Banchamek, former two-time K-1 Champion (2004, 2006) of the 70 kg weight class

Buakaw Banchamek, former two-time K-1 Champion (2004, 2006) of the 70 kg weight class

Buakaw Banchamek (Sombat Banchamek), former two-time K-1 Champion (2004, 2006) at the 70 kg weight class, will be competing for his third championship title for this prestigious event with all the Thai and international fans supporting him on our own soil.  While Eriko Kehl, a German fighter and a police, is determined to win his first K-1 championship and bring it back as a gift to all his fans in Germany.  Kehl is known to be an exceptional fighter having defeated many of Thai fighters previously; namely Nonsai Sor Sanyakorn, BerNueng Topkings boxing, and Jao Chalarm Chatkanokyim; and having also received a draw decision against Eakpreecha Meenayothin in the first round of the Max World Championship in Surin province.

The two fighters went head-to-head once already towards the end of 2013 in the event called “Max MuayThai” in Khon Kaen province where Buakaw came up big and claimed his victory with a unanimous decision.

Aside from the main event between Buakaw and Eriko, the event will feature many other interesting bouts.  To name a few; Paul Daley vs Mohamad Ghaedibardeh, Li Yankun vs Andre Dida Amade, Maximo Suarez vs Tural Bayramov, Andre Kulebin vs Lee Sung-Hyun, Superbon Banchamek vs Janrob Poompanmuang, Prakaisang Kaiyanghadow vs Cherngrob Poompanmuang Windysport, and Kongsiam Tor. Pitakchai vs Payakburapa Por. Burapa.

Solona Marketing

Solana Marketing is an expert in marketing who specialises in planning and strategising for promotion of goods and services as well as entertainment activities such as mini-concerts, sporting events namely organisational golf tournaments, charity events from local all the way to national level.  Solana Marketing is always ready to provide its highly qualified marketing expertise domestically as well as internationally.  Solana Marketing has been honoured and well trusted to take full marketing responsibility for the first-time-ever K-1 World Max Final event in Thailand.

K-1 (Thailand)

K-1 (Thailand) is the key representative of K-1 Global Holding who is the proprietor of right to organise the world renowned K-1 event worldwide.  The company aims to create unprecedented opportunities for our young professional and amateur Thai fighters in Thailand to further develop their fighting ability by participating in such world-class event.

Not only that, K-1 (Thailand) is looking to create unity among Thai people through a common love and passion shared by all K-1 enthusiasts nationwide while solidifying hopes and dreams of our young fighters to be successful in the tournament and the rest of their career.

[Source : K1 World Max Final]


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