RTB Technology unveils the legendary premium on-ear headphones ‘Beats Solo 2.0’

Pic_New Product_Beats Solo2_01

Pic_New Product_Beats Solo2_06

BANGKOK, 8 September 2014 —— RTB Technology Company Limited introduced the latest On-Ear Headphones “Beats Solo 2,” developed from World’s Best Seller Premium Headphones featuring all-new unique design providing fabulous look and wearing comfort, made from durable materials, suiting active lifestyle.

Above all delivers wide range of premium sound quality, just like listening to the master tracks preferred by music producer, believed to cater to music lifestyle of every music genre. the Beats Solo 2 featuring fine curve, vivid colour and ergonomic shape, give ultimate comfort and durability from the highly flexile materials and suave ear cups.  Experience premium sound quality in all range; deep bass, powerful medium and crisp high sound which will easily win the heart of a variety of music lovers.

Moreover, the “Beats Solo 2” is readily portable for its compact size and Tri-fold foldable finishing.  The luxury design hides screws and connecting parts with harmonious colour.  The Headphones come with RemoteTalk to control call receiving and hanging (Hands-Free Calling), used in pair with Smartphones and the controller unit to control audio player.  The RemoteTalk cord is in the same colour as ear cups, except the black ear cups which comes with the red RemoteTalk cord inspired by the identity of Beats by Dre.  The box set includes a case to store the Headphones.

From 1 to 30 September, purchase Beats Solo 2 at every iStudio shop, at only THBaht8,900,- available in 6 colours including black, white, red, blue, pink and grey.


Pic_New Product_Beats Solo2_02 Pic_New Product_Beats Solo2_03 Pic_New Product_Beats Solo2_04 Pic_New Product_Beats Solo2_05 Pic_New Product_Beats Solo2_07[Source : RTB Technology]


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