New FUSO FJ2523 truck debuts in Indonesia

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Modern, efficient and ready to seize market of long chassis vehicle segment

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JAKARTA, 3 SEPTEMBER 2014 —- PT. Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Motors (KTB), authorised distributor of Mitsubishi Vehicles in Indonesia of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) dan Mitsubishi Fuso Truck & Bus Corporation (MFTBC), launched the latest variant New FUSO FJ 2523 (6×2) in medium duty truck segment, which also became the New FUSO momentum presence in Indonesia. This variant present to meet the needs of transportation with bigger capacity and more efficient, complimenting the existing FUSO variant. The launch event was located at Sentul Circuit, Bogor, whereby guests are invited to experience the toughness and superiority of New FUSO FJ2523 (6×2).

Commercial vehicle in the medium-duty truck segment is dominated by consumer goods and cargo transportation. Market demand is more intend to truck which has bigger capacity with longer chassis. During early June 2014, KTB has launched Mitsubishi FUSO Super Long Series and received very good feedback from the market. Since its launched, market share of Mitsubishi FUSO increased by 30 per cent. It proved that the demand of truck with bigger capacity is very large.

The launch of New FUSO FJ2523 was inaugurated by President Director of PT.KTB, Noboru Tsuji, together with Executive Marketing Director, Rizwan Alamsjah, and Operating Marketing Director, Daisuke Okamoto. At the same occasion, media and guests are invited to experience the toughness of New FUSO FJ2523 to do a test-ride at Circuit Sentul with various ways of driving such as eco-driving, easy manoeuvrability with minimal turning radius even though having a long chassis.

New FUSO FJ2523 (6×2) has significantly better specification, with modern and classy design and also the technology applied. This variant has a super power engine of 230 PS, bigger capacity, the largest torque in its class of 83 kg.m at low and high rotation, cost efficient for maintenance, comfortable ride for any kind of field and long distance.

New FUSO FJ2523 is the longest variant in its class, has a cab-to-end-length of 9,407m long chassis and the overall length is 11,967m, so it can accommodate bigger capacity up to 56.4 m3. This new variant is ready to become the new idol of investment options with accurate and favourable price offered is around IDRp 584 million (Off the road – Jabodetabek Area).

At the beginning of its presence, New FUSO FJ2523 (6×2) will be imported directly from MFTBC based production and assembly in India as a global market of MFTBC in Asia.

At the launch event, invited guests are given knowledge of the product and direct observation by MFTBC Marketing Division team experts of PT. KTB. The advantages offered by this new products are:

1. Engine Performance

– Equipped with a compact injection diesel with a capacity 6,373 cc, 230 PS providing reliable power. Fuel injection system using a high capacity Unitised Injection Pump with Turbo Intercooler, make optimal fuel combustion for fuel efficiency and better emissions.

– Maximum torque is obtained at low engine rotation prevalent to 83 kg.m / 1.200 – 1.600 rpm. Great Maximum torque obtained when starting low engine rotation with flat torque curve interval for engine durability which became THE LARGEST TORQUE IN ITS CLASS.

– Using Unitised Injection Pump which installed in each cylinder engine that capable working individually with electronic injection process setting. This technology creates fuel efficiency and easy maintenance. Time and fuel pressure always in right circumstances, but uniquely, the engine can still operate even though one of the injection pump is not working.

– Bigger diameter clutch 395mm and 15 L Auxiliary air tank which provide more secure clutch operation and durable use.

2. Comfort

– Tipping angle of opening cabin 67degrees gives a wider space while doing regular maintenance and also easy opening front panel so that the daily maintenance can be easily done.

– Steering wheel with Polyurethane (PU) material which is equipped with tilt & telescopic steering features, adds to the comfort of driving so the driver doesn’t get tired.

– Adjustable seat for height, distance & angular, also tilt & steering which adjustable for height & distance, equipped with sleeping cabins and a rear window that can be opened & closed.

3. Safety

– Engine Brake with Constant Throttle Valve & Exhaust Brake increase braking efficiency so that security is guaranteed.

– Wide front wheel track and supported by parabolic suspension with stabiliser can improve the ride comfort. While the rear suspensions is layered and thick which give high durability on vehicle when carrying heavy loads.

– The diameter size and width of large brake, and also differential lock improve safety driving.

– Interwheel differential lock, technology that can overcome the slip on wheels which make it easier to operate the vehicle while on muddy and slippery track.

– Full air brake system is an air braking based system which is safety and reliable, and easy maintenance.

4. Payload 

– The cab-to-end length is 9,407m with total length 11,967m, THE LONGEST IN ITS CLASS. Able to accommodate large capacity up to 56.4 m3.

– Shot Blasted Chassis Technology with thicker dimensions makes chassis durability is more sturdy

5. Maintenance 

– A canvas clutch wear indicator which give easy & effective clutch condition while doing regular maintenance and replacement parts.

– Longer interval oil change which makes maintenance cost is more affordable.

– Equipped with LED Multi Information Display panel which allows driver to get important information while driving, such as mileage, average speed, and fuel consumption with Variable Green Band Indicator that helps driver drive on efficient operational of fuel consumption, becomes more efficient.

6. Guarantee of After-sales Service

Until now, KTB already has 228 sales network and more than 4,500 parts shop which spread until remote area. All networks provide service to serve Mitsubishi’s customers, and with the launch of new product, KTB will continuously equipped wider after-sales service so the customer can get the best service. The after-sales service that is provide is as the following:

– Mitsubishi Truck Centre
Truck Centre service is the first after-sales service in Indonesia which provides a specific service for commercial vehicles that can be enjoyed for 24 hours & 365 days (including weekends & holidays).
Currently there are 3 Truck Centres located in Jakarta, Semarang & Medan, and will be increased to become 8 Truck Centres located across Sumatera and Java. The 4th Truck Centre will be launched soon in Bandung this September.

– Mechanic & Drivers Training
For consumers who need training for their mechanic & driver, PT.KTB provides training for Mitsubishi commercial vehicle, so operational time of vehicles become smooth & easy maintenance.

– Mitsubishi Parts Depo
Mitsubishi Parts Depo is a small warehouse with 40 feet which functioned as spare part storage with medium & large size that can accommodate ±700 item of slow moving parts category. Now KTB has 5 Parts Depo and will become 10 Parts Depo within 2014, located at selected area to provide quick service for customers of commercial vehicles.

– Mobile Workshop (MWS) & Service Car

MWS & Service Car is a mobile service facility using Mitsubishi Colt Diesel & Fuso which equipped with service equipment so it can serve light maintenance of all kinds of Mitsubishi’s vehicle like a normal workshop. Currently, there are 71 unit MWS, and will become 119 MWS Units which ready to serve Mitsubishi’s Customers.

For customers who want to know more information about this new variant, please kindly check the nearest Mitsubishi Dealer which is available throughout Indonesia. In addition, New FUSO FJ2523 will be displayed during the 22nd Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) event on 18-28 September 2014.


*Source: GAIKINDO database for total sales of commercial vehicles in Indonesia

[Source : Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Motors]


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