Holden launches Professional Care Service Programme; spearheaded by Capped Price Servicing

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Australia, 4 August 2014 —— Holden has launched a new ‘Professional Care’ programme, giving Holden service a new identity that is dedicated to customer satisfaction, providing the best value and offering complete peace of mind through servicing and genuine parts.

Professional Care is headlined by Holden’s Capped Price Servicing* (CPS) scheme. With CPS, every new eligible Holden comes with Capped Price Servicing for standard services for the first three years of ownership or the first 60,000km, whichever comes first. Customers will never pay more than they expect for a standard service.

CPS covers all items specified under the standard service schedules for normal operating conditions for each vehicle type, including parts, labour, fluids and any applicable workshop charges.

CPS is also more than just a price guarantee. Customers who regularly service their vehicles at a Holden dealership will enjoy a number of long-lasting benefits, including having all services carried out to Holden’s exacting specifications, guaranteed use of only Holden-approved parts and fluids and buyer confidence at re-sale time.    

CPS is just one part of Holden’s broader Professional Care commitment. With Professional Care customers can expect the highest quality service performed by Holden experts. Customers also have access to one of the largest and most convenient service networks in the country, with more than 230 dealerships Australia-wide. All of which subscribe to the Holden standard of excellence. 

Holden Chairman and Managing Director, Gerry Dorizas, said Professional Care was a crucial step towards Holden’s future goals.

“We are striving every day to become the most customer-focussed and customer-centric brand in the country. Everything we do must be driven by our customers. Professional Care does this by giving our customers outstanding value and peace of mind.  

“Only Holden technicians have access to our rigorous training programmes and can provide superior servicing to customers. Holden technicians are also backed by our Technical Assistance Centre which gives our customers an added level of expert assistance.

“We’ll be there for our customers well beyond the initial purchase and our various programmes like Capped Price Servicing provide exceptional value and transparency. We want customers to walk into a dealership knowing exactly what they’re paying for and to have total trust that their Holden is being looked after by the absolute best and using only genuine parts,” Dorizas said. 

*Visit http://www.holden.com.au/ownership for full details and pricing on Holden’s CPS. 

[Source: GM]


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