A100 electric micro car by Achensa


TAIPEI, Taiwan ——  Achensa is a brand established by Pihsiang Machinery MFG. Co. Ltd. in 2009. Achensa’s most popular product is the A100, a 2-seater electric micro car that complies with the European L6 and L7 automotive standards.

With a mere 150cm chassis, the A100 can achieve maximum speeds up to 80 kilometres per hour. Moreover, the A100 can travel as far as 80 kilometres after a 100 minute battery charging session.

At the heart of the A100 is the proprietary “C-coated Lithium Iron Phosphate” battery cell (PAT. C-LiFePO4), which has excellent performance and an extra long life cycle. The battery is also non-toxic, non-contaminating, non-explosive, and does not catch on fire in case of collision.

The C-LiFePO4 battery was developed by Pihsiang Machinery MFG. Co. Ltd., one of the top three suppliers of medical mobility devices in the world.

[Source: TaiwanTrade]


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