Facebook and Supermemo now available in Renault R-Link

Dashboard Twingo

Dashboard Twingo

– Renault is further enhancing its connected services offering with the launch of two new apps. 

– With R-Link for Facebook, drivers can keep in touch with their friends in complete safety. 

– With Supermemo, drivers can learn a foreign language at the wheel.

Multimedia system on Clio IV

Multimedia system on Clio IV

Central console Twingo

Central console Twingo

Two new apps to take full advantage of Renault R-Link:


R-Link for Facebook: This app enables drivers to stay in touch with all their Facebook contacts (friends, favourite pages, etc.) in complete safety. All the classic functions of the social network are available with the car at a halt. On the road, drivers use the text-to-speech function to keep track of their wall activity and send pre-written messages. If a friend (or a place recorded in Facebook) is in the vicinity, drivers simply push the “Click to nav” button to launch the navigation system, which guides them to the destination. With R-Link for Facebook, motorists can also keep up with the latest news on Renault’s Facebook page.
The R-Link for Facebook app is free of charge.


Supermemo: With this app, drivers can take advantage of their time at the wheel to learn a foreign language (English, French, Italian and Spanish). Drivers build and improve their vocabulary in the new language by repeating phrases pre-recorded in the Supermemo app. The voice recognition function is ideal for learning lessons in complete safety with your eyes 100% on the road. The app includes over 30 conversation categories and more than 800 useful everyday phrases for each language.
Supermemo is available at €14.99 (VAT included).

Download the new R-Link for Facebook and Supermemo apps now at Renault R-Link Store.

[Source: Renault]


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