Oceans of Hope in Portugal

Oceans of Hope crew with the Portuguese explorers, Gil Eans, Vasco da Gama, Fernoa de Magalhaes and Pedro Alverez Cabral.
LISBON, Portugal —- The Oceans of Hope yacht continues her voyage around the world and has arrived in Lisbon, Portugal where Portuguese Member of Parliament Ricardo Baptista Leite MD has officially welcomed the crew of the 20-metre yacht Oceans of Hope at the end of the first European stage of their 61,000-kilometre (33,000-nautical mile) voyage around the world. It is the first ever circumnavigation by a yacht crew including people with multiple sclerosis (MS) and aims to change perceptions of the disease.
The yacht will be berthed at the Marina Parque das Nações in the Portuguese capital until 2 August, when she will set sail across the Atlantic Ocean to Boston, USA.
Dr Leite said as a physician and member of the Portuguese Parliament he had had the privilege of working with people with MS.
“It’s impressive to see how courageous people are living with such a challenging disease,” he commented.
Luísa Sacchetti Matias, 36, from Lisbon will represent Portugal when she joins Oceans of Hope for the Atlantic crossing and has been counting the days until the yacht’s arrival.

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