BEC-Tero Music hits Digital Store business at full course joining force with ‘Music Union’ expanding distribution channel for music contents

BEC-Tero Music+Music Union_01 BEC-Tero Music+Music Union_02

BANGKOK, 22 July 2014 —— BEC-Tero Music proceeds to strike the full-fledged Digital Store business, joining force with ‘Music Union’ expanding distribution channel for music contents of in-house artists, available in CD and digital format, through website, aiming to broaden business base and enhance variety for own contents.

Paul Manatthaworn, General Manager of BEC-Tero Music under BEC-Tero Entertainment (Public) Company Limited, disclosed, “Following successful cooperation early this year between business partners and BEC-Tero Music providing contents distribution channel receiving a warm welcome from music fans, today customers purchase products more through online channel due to convenience and easy access.  Moreover the Company continues to establish business relationship with partners interested in this channel to distribute their products and services directly to consumers.  Lately the Company joins hands with ‘Music Union’ as its distributor for music contents from the Music Union artists, in CD and digital format, through website and iTunes Stores, as well as streaming music listening through KKbox and Deezer service.  Music to be distributed from the ‘Music Union’ artists include, for example, songs of Asanee-Wasan, Boy-Pisanu Nimsakul, Maew-Jirasak Panpoom and Nikki Tereo. We strongly believe that our channel will help expand customer base and meet customer requirements.”

“The cooperation with the ‘Music Union’ indicates good signal of business synergy in order to deliver a variety of contents through emerging channel to target group effectively,”  Paul added.

Sarene Sukhum, Corporate Communication Director of Music Union Co., Ltd., said, “The ‘Music Union’ is extremely pleased to cooperate with BEC-Tero in distributing CD and digital music contents through iTunes Stores, KKbox and Deezer.  The new channel will expand market of ‘Music Union’ in a wider scale.”

“Boy Pitsanu, the first ‘Music Union’ artist to distribute online with BEC-Tero, released his single “Yak-Yood-Kwan-Ngao” to hit top download from audience in Deezer, marking a good start of cooperation.  Integrating various music genres such as pop, rock and local country or Look-Toong, the ‘Music Union’ spots music market driven by more Internet listeners.  On the other hand, BEC-Tero is the music house focusing more on digital market.  Sharing common market opportunity, the cooperation has been initiated.” 

[Source: BEC-Tero]


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