Nissan opens new production plant in Thailand

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Plant will produce NP300 Navara, Nissan’s new generation pick-up truck

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BANGKOK —— Nissan announced the official opening of its second production plant in Thailand.  The new plant will be the production hub for the NP300 Navara, Nissan’s new generation pick-up truck, destined for export to 45 countries around the world.

Thailand is a key market for Nissan, an integral part of their growth strategy in Asia. The country now boasts two plants and an R&D facility, and is increasing in importance as the company’s Asian hub for exports and manufacturing.

Nissan has invested THBaht3.7 billion in the 580,000 square metre facility, bringing with it 2,000 new job opportunities. Full production capacity is expected to reach 150,000 units per annum.

“Thailand is the engine of growth for us in the region, so we’re excited to be opening this second plant today that will produce our latest pick-up (truck),” said Fumiaki Matsumoto, Nissan’s executive vice-president responsible for global manufacturing. “It signifies our optimism for Thailand, as a growing automotive market, a centre of manufacturing excellence for the region and an export hub for the world.”

More than half of the vehicles produced at this new plant will be exported to global markets. The localisation ratio of vehicles produced is already at 85 percent, including the engine plant.

Nissan has also invested THBaht162 million in the new plant’s zero discharge programme, and will recycle all industrial wastewater through the Reverse Osmosis (RO) process. Nissan will continue to provide training to subcontractors and employees to raise the awareness of waste management and resource reduction.

Nissan first produced cars in Thailand back in 1963 when four cars rolled off the production line a day. The new plant will increase Nissan’s production capacity in Thailand to 370,000 units.

“The NP300 Navara is our most durable pick-up (truck), integrating the best of Nissan’s technological know-how, design skills and 80 years of pick-up (truck) production experience. With features such as LED projector headlamps with daytime running lights and the new 2.5-litre YD engine, I am confident this is going to be a popular model and will be out growth pillar in the region,” said Takao Katagiri, Nissan’s executive vice-president responsible for Asia, Oceania and Japan businesses.

The new plant produced its first NP300 Navara pick-up truck on 1 July and  the start of sales begins on 3 July. The delivery will begin in mid-August.

Two versions are available: King Cab and Double Cab. The price of the King Cab ranges from THBaht575,000,- to THBaht 670,000,- for the 4×2 versions; THBaht681,000,- to THBaht807,000,- for the Calibre versions; while the 4×4 version is THBaht842,000,-.

While the price for the Double Cab version ranges from THBaht656,000,- to THBaht 712,000,- for the 4×2 versions; THBaht757,000 to THBaht921,000 for the Calibre versions and the 4×4 version ranges from THBaht832,000,- to THBaht996,000,-.

About Nissan Motor Co.

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., Japan’s second-largest automotive company, is headquartered in Yokohama, Japan, and is part of the Renault-Nissan Alliance. Operating with more than 244,000 employees globally, Nissan sold almost 5.2 million vehicles and generated revenue of 10.5 trillion yen (US$105 billion) in fiscal 2013. Nissan delivers a comprehensive range of more than 60 models under the Nissan, Infiniti and Datsun brands. In 2010, Nissan introduced the Nissan LEAF, and continues to lead in zero-emission mobility. The lEAF, the first mass-market, pure-electric vehicle launched globally, is now the best-selling EV in history with almost 50 percent share of the the zero-emission vehicle segment.

[Source: Nissan]


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