Cleveland CycleWerks & Kustomfest hold Bike Build Off competition

cleveland bike build off #2b

– 10 builders with the best concept to customise Cleveland CycleWerks Heist will be selected to compete.

– The first place winner will be invited to attend the “23rd Annual Mooneyes – Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2014”

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JAKARTA —— After signing the agreement at the end of April, PT Javas CycleWerks Indonesia (Cleveland Indonesia) as the authorised agent of the rightful brand holder of Cleveland CycleWerks in Indonesia along with Kustomfest, will hold “Cleveland CycleWerks Kustomfest 2014 Bike Build Off” for talented builders in Indonesia . This competition will choose 10 (ten) best builders to customise one of the motorcycle types that will be officially launched in October namely, Cleveland CycleWerks Heist.

“We strongly support the development of custom world in Indonesia, therefore we are working with Kustomfest to hold this competition. We hope that this competition would spawn talented builders from Indonesia that will bring distinctive ideas and concepts of Indonesia,” said Yudi, Sales & Marketing Director of Cleveland Indonesia. He added that this performance is also made ​​as a marketing strategy to educate the captive market of Cleveland Indonesia.

“Cleveland CycleWerks – Kustomfest 2014 Bike Build Off” Competition will select ten (10) best builders from all over Indonesia through a selection process conducted by the Kustomfest team. The participants of the competition will be selected by first sending a sketch of the concept motorcycle design  based on motor Heist (without changing the main frame or chassis). Participants are required to submit a concept that is entailed with explanation of the motorcycles concepts and detail of the customisation process such as: material, time, and other supporting design concept. The whole concept and complete data along with participants’ : full name, name of workshop, workshop profiles, address, telephone number and email has to be sent to official Kustomfest email account: Deadline for submissions concept and selection of participants will be conducted from 12 June to 12 July 2014 and 10 (ten) selected builders will be announced on 14 July 2014.

All of the selected contestants who compete will construct his custom motorcycle design and get a production cost of  IDRp20,000,000,- (Twenty Million). Cleveland Indonesia will provide and send Motor Heist to each contestant. Later on the entire contestants’ motorcycle and custom work will be fully right to the Cleveland Indonesia. The work will be displayed at the KUSTOMFEST 2014, that will be held on 11-12 October 2014, in Yogyakarta – Indonesia, where the assessment process to determine the best as the 3 winners of the “CycleWerks Cleveland 2014 Bike Build Off” competition will be undertaken. Judging process will be conducted by world of custom-well known judges, namely: Roland Sands – RSD, Scott Colosimo – Cleveland CycleWerks and Lulut Wahyudi – Retro Classic Cycles. The winners of this competition will receive: First Place IDRp3,000,000,-, Second Winner IDRp2,000,000,-, Third Place IDRp1,500,000,-, all the winners are also eligible for the “Cleveland CycleWerks – Kustomfest 2014 Bike Build Off” trophy. While the other seven (7) finalists will receive prizes and special awards from the Cleveland Indonesia and Kustomfest. First place winner is also entitled to the invitation to attend the “23rd Annual Mooneyes – Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2014” in Japan.

“We deliberately give freedom to the participants to develop their own ideas and concepts because basically the concept of custom it’s in accordance with their respective style. It is expected that participants can further explore their creativity and imagination to customise motor Heist. We only give a few rules that will help the builders to save time and expense,” said Lulut Wahyudi, Kustomfest Director.

“Although the contestants are given the freedom to custom the motorcycle, Kusfomfest team will also consider other important aspects such as feasibility, functionality and most importantly the safety of each participant’s work,” added Lulut.

Meanwhile Yudi added, as a form of cooperation with Cleveland Indonesian, Roland Sands will also presents his work that were built base on motor Heist to the Kustomfest 2014.

“Roland Sands and his Cleveland CycleWerks Heist – work is expected to inspire Indonesian builders to used it as an icon in promoting our brand that will be officially launched on October,” he concluded.

About Cleveland CycleWerks 

Cleveland CycleWerks (CCW) was born in Cleveland Ohio USA in 2009, Founder and CEO Scott Colosimo at the time had the vision to be able to create a motor with a custom feel, but at affordable prices, easy to custom, with the easy care. Since founded in 2009 until today CCW has numerous branches in 16 countries in the world such as: Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Finland, Germany, Mexico, Malaysia, Israel, Japan, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom and Indonesia.

About PT Javas CycleWerks Indonesia 

PT Javas CycleWerks Indonesia (JCI) is an authorised agent of the rightful brand holder of Cleveland CycleWerks in Indonesia. JCI was established by the end of 2013, founded by people who are competent in the business world, and has passion in the automotive industry in particular. JCI is led by Akbar Trilo ST, MM and assisted by Scott Anderson from California who also became one of the share holders. JCI is here to be able to spread the experience and share the lifestyle of motorcycles Cleveland CycleWerks originating in the United States.

About Kustomfest

Kustomfest is a festival, exhibition as well as the largest custom competition in Indonesia, and a collaborative performances of various kinds of custom works of Indonesia, among others: Custom Motorcycle, Hot Rod Car, Custom Bike, Pedal Car, Body art, Die Cast, Paint Work, Art and Culture, Entertainment, Booth Vendor and so forth, all in a custom culture concept. Kustomfest held as an annual event in October in Jogjakarta, Indonesia, a city famous for its rich culture and historical heritage. 

[Source: avas CycleWerks Indonesia/Kustomfest]


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