BEC-Tero Music fills up music business by joining forces with offering new channel to delight music fans

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BANGKOK, 29 June 2014 –—- BEC-Tero Music strengthens its music business for the second half of the year, by joining hands with “,” offering the new channel for music lovers to view contents from affiliate Thai and international artists through, convincing the cooperation to reinforce music and digital content business of BEC-Tero as well as providing customers with easy access to great contents.

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Digital Director of BEC-Tero Entertainment (Public) Company Limited, Aurawan Wirattanapokin disclosed “For the second half of this year, the Company continues to focus on music business, which is our core, and places the policy to synergising with leading partners from various industries in order to enhance business competitiveness for each other. So far, BEC-Tero Music has thoroughly expanded channel to deliver contents to consumers as much as possible.  Furthermore, we plan to add contents to cover all existing segments. Due to the importance of marketing and the effort to achieve the leading position in total entertainment service providing, the Company recently cooperates with in offering the new channel for consumers to access just about all contents of BEC-Tero Music, including Thai music, international music, MV, MV making, Special Scoop & Interview, Behind the Scene and Teaser, simply by typing becteromusic in “” and pressing “Subscribe” to confirm the requirement to receive entertainment news and information. That is all for immediate and easy access to view entertainment from BEC-Tero Music affiliate artists and receive news and activities organized exclusively for music fans.”

Enjoy the show through, 24 hours a day.

“The official launch of “” last month has written the new chapter of Thai music industry. BEC-Tero Music, as the Official Partner, is pleased that Google launches the service in Thailand and will significantly benefit Thai entertainment industry.  The Company is confident that “” will become the effective and great channel to deliver contents of BEC-Tero Music to target group.” Aurawan concluded.

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[Source: BEC-Tero Music]


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