Cavallino Motors introduces Ferrari California T and its revolutionary V8 turbo engine

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BANGKOK, 18 June 2014 —— Cavallino Motors, the official importer of Ferrari in Thailand, has officially launched the Ferrari California T, the first appearance in Thailand following the International Motor Show of Geneva in March. The Ferrari California T epitomises the sublime elegance, sportiness, versatility and exclusivity that have distinguished every California model since the 1950s.

Managing director of Cavallino Motors, Nandhamalee Bhirombhakdi said, “California T is a car brimming with innovation that will more than meet the expectations of discerning clients for whom fun behind the wheel is a priority, but who also demand a sumptuously comfortable Grand Tourer they can use every day. We are confident that the California T will be well-received in Thailand.”

The California T is a brilliant expression of Ferrari’s sporty DNA, while its retractable hard top (RHT) and 2+ configuration, amongst other features, make it supremely versatile.

Like all Ferraris, the California T boasts cutting-edge technological solutions that make it absolutely unique, most notably the new turbocharged V8 engine. Turbo technology has an honourable place in Prancing Horse’s engineering tradition, thanks to iconic models of the likes of the GTO of 1984 and the F40 of 1987. It is now also, of course, back at the heart of our latest F1 single-seater.

Maranello’s engineers have managed to design a remarkable power unit that combines classic Ferrari engine qualities, such as razor-sharp responsiveness, blistering performance, superbly powerful acceleration at all speeds and an exhilarating soundtrack, with the advantages turbo technology, such as drastically reduced emissions and fuel consumption, a high specific power output and compact dimensions. A genuinely unprecedented achievement that sets a new benchmark for the industry.

A seamless blend of sportiness and elegance, the California T is powered by a direct-injection 3,855cc V8 turbo engine that punches out a massive 560 cv at 7,500 rpm, yielding a specific power output of 145 cv/l, the highest in its category, as well as maximum torque of 755 Nm in 7th gear.  Figures that allow the California T sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.6 seconds and deliver extraordinary acceleration – even in higher gears – and excellent fuel efficiency.

For the first time on an engine using this technology, turbo lag has been virtually eliminated by reducing inertia and adopting an F1-derived flat-plane crankshaft in addition to innovative twin-scroll turbines. Increasingly powerful pick-up is guaranteed by proprietary Variable Boost Management software which adjusts torque delivery to suit the gear selected, thereby also cutting fuel consumption.

As was the case in Formula 1, turbocharging was adopted out of a need to boost efficiency. Compared to the previous California, in fact, fuel consumption has been cut by 15 per cent* despite an increase of 70 cv in power output and a jump of 49 percent in maximum torque in seventh gear. Emissions have been cut to 250 g/km on the combined cycle and by 20 percent in the CO2/horsepower ratio (0.44 g/km/cv).  As a direct consequence, the car’s range has been extended by 15 percent.

Thanks to meticulous design and sophisticated production techniques adopted for essential components such as the flat-plane crankshaft and the three-piece cast exhaust manifold and turbo housing, the California T’s engine produces an enthrallingly powerful sound that becomes even more impressive as revs increase. This is a completely unprecedented achievement for a turbo engine.

The California T boasts true sports car dynamics too, thanks to reduced steering wheel activity and improved steering wheel response courtesy of a new steering box and new suspension set-up. New springs and latest-generation Magnaride dampers (now more than 50 percent faster) combined with body motion accelerometers reduce roll and pitch to deliver more precise handling whilst still guaranteeing an incredibly comfortable ride.

The car also sports the latest evolution of F1-Trac, which guarantees maximum acceleration out of corners, and CCM3 carbon-ceramic brakes – with new composite discs and pads – integrated with the ESP 8.0 Premium system, which controls the high-performance ABS to deliver extremely short stopping distances (100 to 0 km/h in just 34 metres).

The combination of the California T’s uncompromising architecture, dynamic controls and new engine guarantees consistent fun behind the wheel both in challenging and more relaxed driving conditions, in perfect Grand Tourer style.

The Ferrari Styling Centre, in collaboration with Pininfarina, radically reworked the California T’s design to endow it with a completely new personality whilst still retaining its original dimensions. Its flanks are an homage to the 250 Testa Rossa’s famous pontoon-fender styling, with the front wing line stretching back towards the compact, muscular rear and bringing an aerodynamic sleekness and movement to the sides. The rear benefits from meticulous aerodynamic research resulting in a new triple-fence diffuser.

The air vents in the bonnet boost the efficiency of the front radiator, helping reduce its overall dimensions, while the lower section of the front bumper has been profiled to channel air to the intercoolers.

The warm, sumptuously hand-finished cabin is trimmed in luxury semi-aniline leather. The space on-board is flexible too, and owners can make the most efficient use of its generous boot capacity even with the top down, thanks to the communication between the luggage compartment and rear seats.

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Type                                                     direct-injection 90° V8

Bore and stroke                               86,5 x 82 mm

Unit displacement                          482 cm3

Total displacement                        3,855 cm3

Compression ratio                        9,4:1

Maximum power **                      412 kW (560 cv) at 7500 rpm

Maximum torque **                     755 Nm (77 kgm / 557 lbft) at 4,750 rpm in VII gear



Length                                                 4,570 mm

Width                                                1,910 mm

Height                                                 1,322 mm

Wheelbase                                         2,670 mm

Front track                                      1,630 mm

Rear track                                        1,605 mm

Dry weight***                                  1,625 kg

Peso in ordine di marcia***       1,730 kg

Weight distribution                      47% front – 53% rear

Fuel tank capacity                           78 litre

Boot\Trunk capacity                     340 litre, 240 litre



Top speed                                             316 km/h

0-100 km/h                                        3.6 secs

0-200 Km/h                                       11,2 secs

Weight/power ratio                        2,9 kg/cv


Front                                                     245/40 ZR19-inch

Rear                                                       285/40 ZR19-inch

Front (opt)                                          245/35 ZR20-inch

Rear (opt)                                            285/35 ZR20-inch


Front                                                      390 x 34 mm

Rear                                                        360 x 32 mm

ELECTRONICS                                   ESC with F1-Trac system (Control for Stability and Traction)

GEARBOX                                             F1, dual clutch 7 gears + Reverse


Front:                                                        double wishbone

Rear:                                                          Multilink

FUEL CONSUMPTION****             10.5 litre/100 km

C02 EMISSIONS ****                        250 g/km


* The consumption reduction is calculated over a typical, real-life route.

** With 98 octane fuel

*** With lightweight optional equipment

**** Combined cycle (ECE+EUDC) with HELE system 


[Source: Cavallino Motors]


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