Instant healthy soups and drinks by King Kung 

Instant healthy King Kung_01

TAIWAN —— Established in the year 2000, King Kung Health Food Co., Ltd. is an expert in healthy soups and drinks.

The company offers OEM and ODM services for instant powdered vegetable beverages and tea bags. Among the company’s 28 types of health food products are drinks based on lotus root almond, burdock, ginger, longan, jujube, smoked plum, agar, various teas and more.

King Kung’s export markets include China, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia.

King Kung’s products conform to international standards. They contain no flavouring or preservatives, and are certified by HACCP, HALAL, ISO-22000 to insure zero contamination by melamine, insecticides, E. coli, or other microorganisms.

Some of the company’s best sellers include a lotus root almond drink, yam soup, and lacto vegetarian black sesame cereal.

[Source: Taiwan Trade]


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