Auto Aftermarket Industry and Tuning Fair (AAITF) Jakarta 2014

AAITF Indonesia Logo

  • The only comprehensive trade exhibition in modification & tuning industry
  • Becoming a venue for Indonesian entrepreneurs to promote their best products both in domestic and global markets.

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JAKARTA —- Auto Aftermarket Industry & Tuning Fair (AAITF) 2014 is one of the strategic actions to encourage Indonesian entrepreneurs of the automotive aftermarket industry to produce high-quality products that offer better competitiveness compared to foreign products towards the global market era.

This inaugural edition of AAITF Jakarta; Indonesia’s first dedicated aftermarket and modification show, and sister event to China’s leading aftermarket event, AAITF Guangzhou, presented a hand-picked selection of the best and most price-competitive automotive aftermarket and modification products.

This first AAITF in Indonesia is expected to bring local and international industry players together under one roof. The original exhibition that takes its name has been successfully held in Guangzhou, China where AAITF has become a prominent brand show that has been conducted for 8 consecutive years since it’s establishment in 2006.

This momentum is expected to open strategic opportunities as promotional activities for national producers and manufacturers in developing domestic products as well as creating business networks towards investment development and promoting export-oriented products especially in automotive aftermarket products. This is in line with the development of export of the automotive sector in 2013 that contributes 2.97 percent of the national income. This is certainly a positive progress in creating more opportunities for the development of the national vehicle industry.

More than 72 companies participated in this AAITF Jakarta 2014 which covers 5,977m2 with specialties in the field of automotive aftermarket such as car audio & visual, car accessories, car modification, car decoration, car care & beauty, and also auto parts. This introductory boutique show, inspired an audience of retailers, distributors, agents, workshop owners and end-users with a range of new products and ideas that can add value to their business.

Also, the accompanying Live Modz Show Off programmer, where products on show at AAITF 2014 were demonstrated in brilliant application by some of Indonesia’s finest aftermarket specialists.

Live Modz Show-Off

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Live Modz Show Off 2014 in support of AAITF Jakarta 2014

A collaboration between the organisers of AAITF Jakarta 2014 and Signal Kustom Built, showcasing live modification processes as a centre-stage to real world consumers’ desires; and experience that delivers real interactions, street live modified show that reaches huge media coverage, combination of branding strategy with real product experience.

Live Modz Show Off 2014 also provides the opportunity for modification for automotive enthusiasts in general to take part in the event, explore and learn various modification techniques live from Signal Kustom Built team in four departments i.e. exterior, interior, audio & video and undercarriage.

It is an experience with sponsors in the likes of Customising with Autovision Lighting; Feel the Character withWollsdorf Leather and NES; Tyre changing with GT-Radial; Pioneer App Radio Mode experience; and Top 1. Designed to be a unique exposure, interactive experience with Signal Kustm Built with modification enthusiasts learning some new techniques to make custom cars live in 3 days.

[Source: PT Dyandra]


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