The ‘No Limits’ Festival enliven the spirit of The 15th International OTOBURSA Tumplek Blek 2014


Part of Enjoy Jakarta Agenda, The largest automotive event in South East Asia Moves Without Boundaries Among Indonesian People

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JAKARTA –—- As a hub of annual automotive trade fair and place to hang out, The 15th International OTOBURSA Tumplek Blek 2014 made a come back for automotive hobby lovers, agents and the public with a new fresh image and more exciting nuance with a theme : ‘No Limits’.

Initially, the OTOMOTOF Group – KOMPAS GRAMEDIA were directing their attention onto the public longing for an arena to expose their creativities, expanding network and wanting to showcase their skills between friends and family; therefore, OTOMOTIF Group delivered the concept of creating an annual automotive festivity simultaneously as a celebration of the group’s anniversary.

The opportunity too was taken just at the right of time when crisis hit the Indonesian economy in 1998, where price of products rose and it was a difficult for most individual’s pocket to spent, hence, The OTOBURSA Tumplek Blek concept is to accommodate the needs and wants of various public income level statuses by providing the sound-quality of automotive products with affordable prices.

The event is characterised with hawker-stands offering unique spare parts, accessories, and vintage, old to new products; and uniting all automotive communities and hobby lovers.

“The display  of hawker-stands, visitors attending the event escalated every year; in 2012, approximately 71,500 people interact, about 63 percent repeat visitor from the total of 76,000 in 2013 satisfied and they come back again for more. Our target in 2014 is to invite about 78,000 people,” according to Harry Kristianto, publisher OTOMOTIF Group.

Not only increasing the numbers of visitor, but also enhancing the relationship and networking with dealers and distributors strengthen OTOBURSA Tumplek Blek’s position, it is a time where people looked forward to.

“In 2013, about 93 percent of the tenants of the hawker-stands felt satisfied and 79 percent of them met their sales target. Moreover, these dealers are able to expand their businesses through franchising and open new branches. Total earnings in year 2013 reached IDRp28.5 billion, we hope to gain estimated sales of IDRp29 billion this year,” added Harry.

The international standardisation also been affirmed by looking at its management this year in providing facilities and services such as setting up ATMs (Bank Central Asia -BCA) for easy shopping access, telecommunication provider (Telkomsel) added for easy communication and internet, adding numbers of rest rooms (toilets), provision of ticket boxes at Indomaret (supermarket) for people to purchase pre-event tickets and less queue at the ticket box on site. In addition, for visitors, a prize for chosen winner entitling a Suzuki Karimun R Wagon for every shopping accumulation amount of IDRp100,000,- where shoppers receive vouchers. Vouchers drop boxes are available at the three-zone arenas.

“The aim is to attract more visitors to shop and as part of motivational tactics to push up the dealers’ selling rate,” added Harry.

Each tenant also exposes their promotional programme, for example Honda VIP with ‘buy one get one ticket free’ for Honda owners by showing their car registration card (STNK) – terms and conditions applied.

Sponsorships united to support the festivity, including main sponsor such as Honda, Daihatsu, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki R4; and supporting sponsors including Toyota, Tata &. Tata Motors, Auto. Chem, Astra Otoparts, Suntory, 3M AutoCare, KYT, AHM, Nissin, Nissan, Datsun, Vespa, Suzuki R2, Total Oil, Takasago, Philips, FOX, Federal Oil, 3M AutoFilm, RCA, MB Tech, and JNE.

‘No Limits’ became the chosen theme at The 15th International OTOBURSA Tumplek Blek 2014 with basic reasoning of the four pillars.

Billy Riestianto, Tabloid OTOMOTIF Editor-in-Chief stated, “International position identical with hawker-stands and community in year 2014 made The 15th International OTOBURSA Tumplek Blek 2014 as an ecosystem that offer no boundaries and no string attached with distance. The door is open wide for local and international pertnership,”

Added again, with no limitation of time, OTOBURSA Tumplek Blek manifested with loyal customers and new-born communities where now about more than 50 automotive communities registered. The competitive price of product offers are also more infatuated by the public.

“No limitation in demography also partake the public interest, only men who expose their automotive passion, but women nowadays taking part to pay attention and participate due to the influence of their friends. Family added OTOBURSA Tumplek Blek event as one of their recreational activities. We provide Parenting Playground and free stroller rentals,” said Billy.

The fourth pillar supported the young generation to create and own to announciate that at the present The 15th International OTOBURSA Tumplek Blek 2014 not only a euphoria, but bringing positive influence through communities in accordance with the growth of technology and trend.

“In two days, The 15th International OTOBURSA Tumplek Blek 2014, more than 517 stands were taken up. As compared to year 2012, 70 percent of total hawker-stands added, positioned at one of the zones on a 5.7 hectare field,” explained Abi Irawan, project manager. Promotional strategies implemented last March with various agenda done by OTOMOTIF Group from opening Bazaar Bagasi (Trunk Bazaar) at Sarinah Thamrin, Auto Bild Festival at  Central Park, Parade Test Drive & Ride 9 at Summarecon Mal Bekasi, and social media activity to invite communities to register by posting their leader contact details and community name at Twitter account @otomotifweekly and Facebook Otomotif Weekly with #tumplekblek2014. The participation rate also activated the wave from the communities or followers by show ‘self’ and show off style photos competition.

What’s in store at The 15th International OTOBURSA tumplek Blek? Presented FLAIR: Jack field, Australian stunt-rider earned title of World’s Best Woodstrokes Freestyle Trails France 2012 and his partner, Rhianna Buchanan, model, stunt-rider and co-owner Flair Action Sports, participated in Les Vegas Supercross Finals (2012) and Australian Formula 1 GP (2012-2013), together performing their iconic daring freestyle bike at Attraction Zone. Gajah Monster (The Monstrous Truck), the iconic OTOBURSA Tumplek Blek performs solo car crushing and duet show with the stunt-riders performers.

Other entertainment presented by OTOMOTIF Group partners to escalate the excitement like Bursa Lelang (Auction Trade), Safety Riding, Daihatsu Sirion. Time Battle, SEVENGARAGE (Automotive Group Merchandise Online), Auto Bild Corner, SCooteriz Fun Corner, Parade Test Drive 10 – Car & Tuning Guide, Retroisme Truckin’ Day (Retroisme Magazine), Kampoeng JIP, Skubek Contezt by MOTOR Plus, Motor Plus Kawasaki Modification Contezt, Custome Scale Car Fest by MOTOR magazine, Wet T-Shirt Photo Contest by, Scooteriz Fun Corner, and Community Zone.

Local flavours music accompanied visitors and tenants with rock, jazz, raggae and pop band on Saturday include Wouter Hamel (world-class jazz musician fron the Netherlands), Superglad, Stereocase, Neurotic, Groovader and DJ Indra 7. On Sunday, music performers include Souljah, DJ Wenzrawk, Soulvibe, The Experience Brothers artist, Nice Friday and KOTAK to entertain the crowd.


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