Partnering with Kustomfest, Cleveland CycleWerks enters the Indonesian Market


– Aiming for Indonesian middle-class custom and lifestyle enthusiasts in Kustomfest

– Launching a variety of creative programmes for the Indonesian market


Jakarta —— Cleveland CycleWerks (CCW) motorcycle manufacturer from the United States which produces several models with a classic sense of style,will be officially launched at Kustomfest on 11-12 October 2014. CCW’s presence in Indonesia was marked by the MOU Cleveland CycleWerks with distribution partner PT. Javas CycleWerks Indonesia (Cleveland Indonesia).

Javas CycleWerks is the official CCW Authorised Sole Distributor in Indonesia. The launch of the brand will take place at Kustomfest, an annual custom festival in Yogyakarta.

“We are pleased to introduce our products into the to Indonesian market, a country where the motorcycle industry has grown rapidly,” said Scott Colosimo, CEO of Cleveland CycleWerks.

“We came to Indonesia because of the passion we see for motorcycles in this market.  We believe the custom lifestyle should be obtainable by everyone, and this is our value position for the Indonesian rider, who wants to experience this lifestyle.  We Are Cleveland!,” continued Scott.

In accordance with its vision, Scott created a motorcycle and brand with a custom feel, reasonable price, easy customisation and easy maintenance. Cleveland positioned squarely at the rider who cares about the brand value, and have a passion for motorcycles that goes beyond simple transportation but rather the lifestyle.

AkbarTrilo, the CEO of Cleveland Indonesia, collaborated with Kustomfest based on two years of reserch behind how Kustomfest has been successfully organised while creating a new potential market for Cleveland.  This is a lifestyle event, we are proud to partner with Kusomfest to support the lifestyle, the riders and the companies who are building this industry in this market.

“We realised this is a segmented market, therefore we need to create an effective strategy to tackle this complex marketplace.  One of the strategies is to partner with and support the community through Kustomfest. We have seen Kustomfest fuel the passion in the Indonesian custom industry.  We believe this industry is ready for a serious brand to enter and support it.Cleveland as a new motorcycle brand in Indonesia is taking this opportunity to officially launch the brand at Kustomfest. Now we are continuing to accelerate the preparation of all aspects of network marketing, after-sales service and training for dealers and mechanics,” said Akbar.

Kustomfest is a prestigious annual Indonesian custom festival of various backgrounds and custom lifestyle enthusiasts across the nation and overseas in Yogyakarta.  Kustomfest has managed to become a great magnet,able to draw world-class bike builder and industry players, (such as Roland Sands (RSD), Shigei Siganuma (President Mooneyes).

“We are proud to partner with Cleveland and won the trust of becoming a place to launch Cleveland products in Kustomfest who this year took Custom Rule as the theme, where we continue to encourage the builder in Indonesia, those who have the quality and identity to be able to compete in the world. Of course in terms of organising the event we also continue to fix and improve,“ said Lulut Wahyudi, Kustomfest Director.

One of Cleveland’s directions in Indonesia is marked with its collaboration with Roland Sands, one of the world’s top builder of Roland Sands Design.  He participated in Kustomfest back in 2014 with his special work. Synergies with Roland Sands can not be separated from his last year visit in Kustomfest Indonesia, at that moment he was impressed with the Indonesian culture.

“Of course this is an exceptional moment to be partnering with Roland Sands which has proven its quality in the custom bike world. Other business opportunities that will be developed is a local production of components and accessories,“ Akbar added.

Cleveland Indonesia will present spare parts and custom kit’s for each type of motorcycle.  Cleveland Indonesia together with Kustomfest will prepare a variety of support programmes and a series of marketing strategies for Cleveland in Indonesia. Cleveland will be working with custom builder in Indonesia and have them create their own customs, building custom bikes to educate the market on the brand. Cleveland Indonesia will also support the owner’s of CCW motorcycles by hosting a Cleveland Rider Group in Indonesia.

Some variants of Cleveland Cyclewerks products that will enter the Indonesian market include: Cleveland Ace Deluxe 250cc Retro-style, Traditional-looking Cleveland Heist Chopper and Cleveland Misfit 250cc which has a café Racer design. All Cleveland variants are currently equipped with an air-cooled 250cc single-cylinder engine, and 5-speed transmission.

About Cleveland CycleWerks 

Cleveland CycleWerks (CCW) was born in Cleveland Ohio USA in 2009, Founder and CEO Scott Colosimo at the time had the vision to be able to create a motor with a custom feel, but at affordable prices, easy to custom, with the easy care. Since founded in 2009 until today CCW has numerous branches in 16 countries in the world such as: Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Finland, Germany, Mexico, Malaysia, Japan, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom and Indonesia.

About PT Javas CycleWerks Indonesia 

PT Javas CycleWerks Indonesia (JCI) is an authorised agent of the rightful brand holder of Cleveland CycleWerks in Indonesia. JCI was established by the end of 2013, founded by people who are competent in the business world, and has passion in the automotive industry in particular. JCI is led by Akbar Trilo ST, MM and assisted by Scott Anderson from California who also became one of the share holders. JCI is here to be able to spread the experience and share the lifestyle of motorcycles Cleveland CycleWerks originating in the United States.

About Kustomfest 

Kustomfest is a festival, exhibition as well as the largest custom competition in Indonesia, and a collaborative performances of various kinds of custom works of Indonesia, among others: Custom Motorcycle, Hot Rod Car, Custom Bike, Pedal Car, Body art, Die Cast, Paint Work, Art and Culture, Entertainment, Booth Vendor and so forth, all in a custom culture concept. Kustomfest held as an annual event in October in Jogjakarta, Indonesia, a city famous for its rich culture and historical heritage. Kustomfest invite and involve the entire community both Indonesian and international custom enthusiast, featuring the best custom work and creativity spur local builder.

[Source: Javas Cyclewerks Indonesia/Kustomfest]


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