New Fiat Ducato: more technology, greater efficiency, more value


– Making its début is the sixth generation of the best seller from Fiat Professional born from the development of three guidelines: robustness/reliability, efficiency/low running costs and new high-tech content;

– The strengths of a model sold in more than 2.6 million units from 1981 to date are confirmed;

– State-of-the-art ‘car design’ combined with the concept of a true LCV: the result is the new style for the exterior that conveys, from the first glance, functionality, efficiency and robustness;

– Three interiors, new seats and the exclusive Multifunction Support that can be used with all devices such as smartphones, tablets and conventional pads of paper;

– The lowest emission and consumption levels in the segment – up to 5.8l/100km and 153g/km of CO2 in the NEDC cycle – thanks to the MultiJet II power units with 115-180HP, available also with the innovative Comfort-Matic gearbox;

– Best gross vehicle weight (up to 4.4 tonnes) in the ‘single wheels’ category

– As standard on the whole range is the electronic stability control (ESC) system complete with roll containment system, adaptive load and centre of gravity detection system (LAC) and Hill Holder;

– On request further driving assistance content such as Traction+ with Hill Descent Control and Lane Departure Warning System with Traffic Sign Recognition;

– All radios come complete with Bluetooth technology and MP3 player, and the Uconnect system with 5-inch colour touchscreen, reversing camera, built-in navigation and digital radio (DAB) playback is available.

140512_Panorama_People_01 001 Ducato-001 Turin  —- The new Fiat Ducato is the latest evolution of a best seller which for 33 years – through its 5 generations – confirms it is the best travel companion and business partner for more than 2.6 million of clients who have chosen it since 1981. Today, to continue playing a leadership role, the new vehicle introduces a number of new features to meet the new needs of customers by offering more technology, more efficiency and more value.

Point of reference in the EMEA Region, over the years the Fiat Ducato has crossed the European borders to reach Russia, Latin America, the Middle East and Australia. It is currently marketed in more than 80 countries worldwide, including North America which, since last year, sees it in a starring role, going by the name of “PROMASTER” under the RAM brand. The Fiat Ducato is therefore a ‘global’ vehicle that will drive the growth of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles in the light commercial vehicles sector.

The new exterior style is the result of state-of-the-art ‘car design’ which, together with the concept of a real light commercial vehicle, conveys a strong sense of dynamism, safety, quality and robustness. The new Fiat Professional vehicle further develops the concept of “design connected to functionality” which has always characterised the model. In particular, the new features include the possibility to customise the appearance of the vehicle with a number of solutions: two different colours of the front grille, the skid-plate that enhances the lower part of the bumper, new headlights with integrated DRL (available upon request with LED technology) and new 16″ light alloy wheels.  In addition, the headlights in a high position and the protective bumper divided into 4 sections reduce repair costs. The bonnet design and the solutions adopted reduce maintenance costs and improve engine compartment accessibility.

On the inside the New Ducato offers three interiors – Classic, Techno and Lounge – with growing levels of refinement and elegance, characterised by new seats with stain-resistant fabric upholstery that maintain the top-of-the-range comfort level and by the new cup holder built into the central console. The New Ducato is also the first vehicle to bring the segment the exclusive Multifunction Support available in the middle of all dashboards in the range and compatible with all devices such as smartphones, tablets and conventional pads of paper.

With respect to the previous model, its characteristics of reliability and robustness have been further enhanced thanks to the technological heritage of Fiat Professional and the experience gained by exporting and testing the Ducato model throughout the world. Today as never before, the Ducato addresses a global market and must prove itself up to the job in a wide variety of contexts, each more demanding than the last, improving its robustness and reliability thanks to the specific reinforcements on the body and the doors, the comfort, the new  braking systems that increase duration and performance, the enhancements to the lifespan of the suspensions and clutch, and a new and exclusive white paint that maintains quality over time.

In line with the request made by all customers, the New Ducato takes a further step forward also in terms of efficiency and running costs by developing a long-term strategy aimed at improving its performance.     In particular, by working on materials and components we were able to balance the increased weight caused by the reinforcements of the body, reducing the unladen weight (up to 20 kg less on chassis cabs). Furthermore, thanks to the the special rear suspension made of composite material – the New Ducato is the only vehicle of its category to offer it – a further weight reduction of 15 kg was obtained.

Less weight also means greater efficiency and lower CO2 emissions, regardless of the engine installed. And to further reduce emissions and fuel consumption, the New Ducato offers eco-friendly solutions such as low rolling resistance tyres, low viscosity oil and low friction piston rings.

The updated MultiJet range of engines (Euro 5+)  that confirms Fiat Professional’s appreciated and exclusive “one-mission – one engine” strategy contributes to the maximum efficiency of the new vehicle. It is the 2.0 MultiJet 115 HP and 280 Nm of maximum torque (5-speed gearbox), the “perfect downsizing”, economic and with excellent performance, especially in urban environments. In the centre of the Ducato range we find the 2.3 MultiJet 130 HP, 320 Nm of maximum torque (6-speed gearbox), the ideal solution for mixed use – agile in traffic, dazzling over long distances – also thanks to the availability of a high torque even at low rpm. Interestingly, the specific 2.3 MultiJet 130 HP ECO version – automatically limited to the top speed of 90 km/h – offers amazing values: 153 g/CO2 and 5.8 l/100 km of fuel consumption in the combined cycle.

The third engine of the range is the 2.3 MultiJet 150 HP, 350 Nm of maximum torque (6-speed gearbox), the ‘best in class’ due to the ratio of low consumption to high performance combined with low weight: ideal for demanding usage conditions. There is also a space for the powerful 3.0 MultiJet 180 HP, 400 Nm of maximum torque (6-speed gearbox) able to satisfy both the professionals who prefer the power, torque and acceleration and those who need heavier conversions such as large motorhomes. Following the launch, the 3-litre Natural Power methane/petrol bi-fuel version (Euro 6) with 140 HP and 350 Nm of maximum torque will be available.

Also, to further reduce fuel consumption the New Ducato offers three other technologies: the automated Comfort-Matic gearbox (available with 2.3- and 3.0-litre engines) which gives up to 5% fuel saving and increased driving comfort; the Start & Stop which is able to reduce fuel consumption up to 15% on urban routes (available with 2.3 MultiJet 130 and 150 HP engines); and the new Gear Shift Indicator that helps optimise your driving style by suggesting the right gear for fuel saving.

Durability, robustness and the consequent increase in the residual value, combined with efficiency, low running costs and a reduction in the price of spare parts, allow the New Ducato to boast maintenance and repair costs amongst the lowest in its class, a major contribution toward improving the ‘Total Cost of Ownership’, i.e. the total running cost between the purchase and sale of the vehicle.

The New Ducato also demonstrates its cutting-edge credentials in terms of its offer of extremely high-tech content, thanks to state-of-the-art safety and driving assistance devices, as well as the new infotainment system.For example, all versions offer the electronic stability control (ESC) as standard. This has been improved through the roll containment system, to increase comfort and protect the load from unexpected motion, in conjunction with the load detection system (LAC), Hill Holder, anti-slip system (ASR) and electronic emergency braking assistance system (EBA).

To ensure greater manoeuvrability and enhanced driving comfort, Servotronic variable assistance power steering  is offered as standard on the MultiJet 2.3 and 3.0 engine versions, while further driving assistance systems are available on request, such as Traction+ (complete with Hill Descent Control system), lane departure warning system and traffic sign recognition system.

There are also developments in the field of Infotainment, where the new model offers a wide range of radios with Bluetooth technology and MP3 player. Also the exclusive Uconnect system with 5-inch colour touchscreen, reversing camera and built-in navigation system are available. Finally, the entire offer is available with decoder for digital radio (DAB) playback, in addition to conventional analogue.

The new vehicle from Fiat Professional offers the widest front-wheel-drive range on the market to meet the needs of the vast number of customers it was designed for, such as professionals, owner-drivers, fleets, goods transport and people transport companies, outfitters and motorhome buyers: suffice it to say that by combining the various solutions in terms of body, engine and mechanics, you get approximately 10,000 variants for commercial vehicles, people transport and bases for conversions. In detail, within the van range, you can choose from between eight different capacities, ranging from 8 to 17 m³ and boasting the best efficiency in the category. What’s more, the New Ducato will be available in 4 lengths and 3 heights for vans, and 6 lengths for chassis cabs and chassis cowls.

Among the new features, the New Ducato boasts the best gross vehicle weight in the entire ‘single wheel’ category – up to 4.4 tonnes on the camper versions and 4.25 tonnes for Maxi versions – the best permitted weight on the front axle (up to 2,100 kg) and rear axle (further boosted to 2,500 kg) and a record payload (up to 2.1 tonnes for vans).

The New Ducato  will also boast the new versions with three-way tipper and 7-seater crew cab van, as well as new optional equipment such as the fixed or removable tow hook and access step to facilitate loading operations, which further reduces the height of the access threshold – already leading the way in the category.

Ducato confirms it is the market leader in the exclusive Camping-Car range. Three out of four motorhomes in Europe are Fiat Ducato-based due to the new and exclusive content such as the Captain Chair revolving seats, which improve comfort and fit to the refined style of a motorhome, new suspensions with increased preload and specific Tractor Cab and Tractor Chassis Cowl versions that allow another 600 possible combinations to permit the utmost customisation requested by clients in the sector.

In a nutshell, the New Ducato offers more technology, greater efficiency and more value.

[Source: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles]


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