Shell launches revolutionary Shell PurePlusTM Technology in ‘The New Shell Helix Ultra’ to keep your engine closer to the Factory Clean

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The company’s latest patented technology, which paves entirely new way to produce fully-synthetic base oils made from natural gas, is now introduced for the first time in Thailand in ‘the New Shell Helix Ultra’ range

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Bangkok, 7 May 2014 —- The Shell Company of Thailand, the world’s leading lubricant supplier today announced the launch of ‘The New Shell Helix Ultra’ range, using ‘Shell PurePlusTM Technology’ a revolutionary process of creating the first-of-its kind fully-synthetic motor oil from natural gas.

Troy Chapman, Executive Director – Lubricants, The Shell Company of Thailand Limited said, “The launch of the patented ‘Shell PurePlusTM Technology’ represents a major milestone for the lubricants industry.  This introduces a revolutionary technological process that converts natural gas into a crystal-clear base oil1 with virtually none of the impurities found in crude oil. This new technology also enables us to develop superior Shell Helix Ultra engine oils by combining this purer base oil with Shell’s proprietary ‘Active Cleansing Technology’ additives to deliver such high levels of cleansing property that we can confidently say that no other motor oil keeps your engine closer to factory clean2. As a result of such great cleansing capability, ‘the New Shell Helix Ultra’ formulated with unique ‘Shell PurePlusTM Technology’ can help to deliver up to 1.9%3 greater fuel economy. It is also developed to provide superior wear and corrosion protection to achieve the best performance from both petrol and diesel engines.”

The performance of the ‘Shell PurePlusTM Technology’ in ‘the New Shell Helix Ultra’ proven through a significant series of rigorous tests, which are designed to replicate actual operating conditions in engines. The product is approved for use by numerous makers of high-performance vehicles and it is the only motor oil Ferrari recommends. In brief, ‘Shell PurePlusTM Technology’ provides superior properties for fully-synthetic motor oil in three areas:

  • First, Viscosity maintains the oil’s performance in extreme temperatures.
  • Second, Reduced Friction allows the rapid flow of oil, which effectively contributes to better fuel consumption and
  • Third, Lower Volatility reduces motor oil consumption so drivers do not need to top-up lubricants frequently.

“We are very excited to bring this world-class technology in motor oil to Thailand. Furthermore, Shell continues to adhere to product development and technology leadership. We spend over THBaht30 billion in R&D each year to develop the most advanced motor oils that meet the needs of the latest engines,” added Chapman.

‘The New Shell Helix Ultra’ is now available for purchase. ‘Shell Helix Ultra’ for petrol engine (4-litre) is available at the recommended retail price of THBaht2,245,- and ‘Shell Helix Ultra Diesel’ for Diesel engine (6-Litre) is available at the recommended retail price of THBaht2,350,-. Both come with redesigned product labels in silver metallic, which hints at the unsurpassed quality and premium positioning of Shell Helix Ultra fully-synthetic motor oils.

Additionally, as a special gift to celebrate this launching period, with every purchase of ‘Shell Helix Ultra’, the customers will have a chance to win a trip to enjoy “Shell Helix Formula 1 Experience” at 2014 Formula 1 Shell Belgium Grand Prix. Customers can participate by sending promotional code to SMS4520000. The promotion starts now until 30 June 2014.

Interested customers can experience the superior properties of ‘The New Shell Helix Ultra’ and join this promotional offer now at Proserv in 350 Shell stations nationwide as well as at  A.C.T. Auto Care & Tire and over 16,000 oil shops serviced by DKSH.

[Source: Shell]


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