AP Honda introduces the new Scoopy i ‘The Adventure’ and ‘Club 12’

DSC_7422 DSC_7457

– Maintaining its leadership in fashion AT with chic design;

– Appointing Songkran, Peak, and Palmy as new presenters to deliver the new AT trend.


BANGKOK —-– AP Honda is rocking the local motorcycle again with dual launches of new Scoopy i models, to strengthen its leadership in AT category, new Scoopy i ‘The Adventure’ and new Scoopy i ‘Club 12’ which will be released to the market in Mid-May.

Created under safari concept, the former features ‘Zaa to the Skyline’ graphics in CMYK technology. Made under ‘Live Your Line’ concept, the latter is designed to penetrate the teen market in the city with Urban Bar style, 12-inch cast wheels, combine brake, and 3-pot calliper.

Two new presenters were introduced – Rangsan ‘SOngkran’ Panyaruen, the winner of The Voice Season 2 and Pattarasaya ‘Peak’ Kreuasuwansiri, charming actress – to join the troop with Thaitanium. Eve ‘Palmy’ Pancharoen will be representing the urban concept through the new Scoopy i ‘Club 12’.

Prices for the new Scoopy i ‘The Adventure’ starts from THBaht46,000,-; with three options of styles and eight options of colours. The new Scoopy i ‘Club 12’ with combine brake, will be THBaht50,000,- with four colour options which are orange, blue, silver and black.

“When we launch all-new Scoopy i ‘Fun Republic’ in 2012, the modern retro which came with the advanced PGM-FI technology received a very positive response from teen users. Being the choice for the modern motorcycle users, it became the model in AT category for the new generation. The popularity wa reflected in the sales of ove 330,000 units that year. In 2013, we spiced up the degree of fun with Scoopy i ‘Aloha’ and also launched a new model called ‘Club12’ which came with 12-inch case wheels and combine brake system for the teen user in upper market. It was also tremendously well liked. Under our latest campaign in 2014. ‘Power of Fun Project’, we are determined the fun creatively created from Honda’s advanced technology to all users. The new Scoopy i ‘The Adventure’ and new Scoopy i ‘Club 12’ with combine brake are designed with outstanding graphics and filled with fun. Moreover, new version of PGM-FI technology is equipped in both models for easier maintenance,” said Nobuhide Nagata, president of AP Honda Co., Ltd., – the official distributor of Honda motorcycle in Thailand.

New Scoopy i ‘The Adventure’ comes with the naughtiness in a different way under the new concept, ‘Zaa to the Skyline’ which is filled with the fun from the safari world. The new concept is presented in the CMYK graphics that makes every vehicle the one and only for its owner. The graphics is designed into three styles as follows:

  • New Scoopy i ‘The Adventure’, Active Boy – Fun Hunter!

Zaa with pungent graphics of Golden Riches; chain, lash, necklace

2 colour options: White-Red and Black-Red.

  • New Scoopy i ‘The Adventure’, Vivid Me – Sweety Tiger!

Fierce but sweet with Animally graphics.

3 colour options: White-Pink, White-Blue and Black-Blue.

  • New Scoopy i ‘The Adventure’, Prestige Guy – King of Safari!

Simple but bold in premium style.

3 colour options: Black, White and Red-Grey.

The new Scoopy i ‘The Adventure’ is equipped with Exclusive Projector Headlight combined with halogen bulb for a better visibility; built-in Upper Arm Winker Light for better safety and new fashion; Senior Tail Light; all-in-one Chronograph Meter; Seat for All which – the comfort designed for the rider and passenger; and 15.4-litre Helmet-In L Size U-Box for a jet-style helmet.

The new model comes with a 4-stroke, 110cc engine, latest version of PGM-FI technology, fuel efficiency at 53km/litre (based on the international standard of Mode ECE R40), and applicable for E20 fuel.

Moreover, AP Honda is launching the new Scoopy i ‘Club 12’ with combine brake and 12-inch black cast wheel for teen users in the upper market. With its premium design, the model will be introduced under the ‘Live Your Line’ concept. Its simple but unique Urban Bar graphics gives a modern retro touch, reflecting the character of the riders. It also comes with advanced Combi Brake System that works with 3-pot calliper for a safer stop.

To maintain the brand image, AP Honda is introducing two new presenters for new Scoopy i ‘The Adventure’ which are: Rangsan ‘Songkran’ Panyaruen, the winner of The Voice Season 2, who presents the Active Boy series, and Pattarasaya ‘Peak’ Kreuasuwansiri, the charming actress coming with ‘fierce but cute’ image for the Vivid series. Both will appear in the new commercial with Thaitanium, the ultimate hip hop band of Thailand who will come with bold character for the Prestige Guy series. Meanwhile, Eve ‘Palmy’ Pancharoen, the indie pop artist will translate the urban character into the new Scoopy i ‘Club 12’ with combine brake. The two new commercials of new Scoopy i will be broadcast in digital TV and cable TV systems from mid-May onwards.

The new Scoopy i ‘The Adventure’ and new Scoopy i ‘Club 12’ will be available at Honda Wing Centres nationwide, from mid-May onwards. Prices of the new Scoopy i ‘The Adventure’, with three style options and eight colour options, start from THBaht46,000,-. Prices of the new Scoopy i ‘Club 12’ with combine brake, with four colour options which are orange, blue, silver, and black, is THBaht50,200,-.

HS_0089_Lowres HS_0130_Red-White_Lowres

Scoopy12_stayling_Orange_right Scoopy12_stayling_OrangeLeft

1HSP_0118_Lowres 1Orange-Meter SalePoint Lowres 1Orange-Taillight Salepoint Lowres

[Source: Honda]


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