Honda holds world premiere of the all-new City MUGEN Prototype 

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PASAY CITY, MANILA, Philippines —— Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI), Honda’s automobile business unit in partnership with M-TEC Co. Ltd, known for its MUGEN accessories debuts the All-New City MUGEN Prototype at the launch of the All-New Honda City in Pasay City, Manila.

The new sleek cross motion form exterior styling of the All-New City is a breakthrough among conventional sedan styling that unifies sleek and dynamic forms creating a sense of stunning sporty profile. And to further enhance the All New City’s style, HCPI in a joint project with M-TEC Co. Ltd., equipped the All-New City MUGEN Prototype model with front sports grille, front under spoiler, side spoiler, rear under spoiler  aerodynamic parts and 17-inch aluminium wheels.

Exclusively designed for  car enthusiasts who appreciate enhanced premium dynamic styling to complement spirited driving performance, the All-New City with factory-installed MUGEN accessories will be available for retail by the third quarter of the year through HCPI’s authorised dealerships and will eventually be available to other countries.

When HCPI first introduced factory installed MUGEN accessories to the market in 2011, it has gained wide market acceptance enabling HCPI  to be the number one MUGEN products distributor outside the Japan market.

MUGEN, which is a Japanese word for infinite, designs and manufactures racing engines and premium aftermarket parts under the strong partnership with Honda. MUGEN has a strong racing heritage and has gained international recognition from its Super GT and Formula One background, to name a few. It also specialises in tuning engines and developing customised parts exclusively for Honda products since the mid 1980’s.

[Source: Honda/AutoIndustriya]


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