Ming Ming Aluminium Co. Ltd.

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TAIPEI, Taiwan, 10 April 2014 —— Ming Ming Aluminium, originally Ming Ming Cooperation Industries, is one of the best mould aluminium castings foundries in Taiwan. Established in 1974, the company quickly established a name for itself and advanced to become the aluminium expert that it is today. Based in the Fengyuan District of Taichung, Central Taiwan, the company has not only made its name locally, but it also established a strong reputation on the international scene as well.

With the motto of “Quality First, Reasonable Pricing, Timely Product Delivery and Sincerity in Service,” along with an exceptional band of employees in its marketing and manufacturing departments, the company has gained recognition from customers worldwide while never ceasing to strive for continuous quality improvement, advanced materials development and technical breakthroughs.

Along with mastering the techniques of “Gravity Casting” and “Die Casting” in the use of aluminium in the permanent mould casting process that creates metal parts, the company has also developed its own unique tilt pouring process to reinforce to reinforce aluminium into fortified products that are also lightweight to guarantee the finest quality.

By utilising the company’s lauded techniques, human resources and casting technologies, Ming Ming is a company that prides itself on its ability and willingness to serve. Currently, the firm has the ability to produce castings for automobiles, and it has gone so far as to develop aerospace casting. Ming Ming’s production capabilities allow the company to be constantly expanding its client list, seeking new customers to develop a long-term partnership.

As a renowned company with expertise in producing high quality aluminium castings, Ming Ming Aluminium is a company that has the ability to tailor its work to its clients’ wide range of high standards. From large quantities of castings to small amounts of refined products, Ming Ming is sure to meet its customers’ demands at a reasonable price.

Ming Ming Aluminium is one of Taiwan’s finest aluminium gravity die casting manufacturers, and seeks to provide their customers with improved quality, advanced material development and breakthrough technology.

The company focuses on casting products, such as cylinders, gear boxes, engine cases, frames, hubs, swing arms and other motorcycle parts. They are all guaranteed to meet the highest standards of quality.

[Source: Motorcycle Taiwan 2014/TaiwanTrade]


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