HaiHao Technology Co. Ltd.

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TAIPEI, Taiwan, 10 April 2014 —— HaiHao Technology is a company that has built up over a decade of experience in the trading of various electronics in Taiwan. Though originally an enterprise-based company, HaiHao is also currently a leading research firm that integrates electronics devices with traditional automobiles such as the beloved Taiwanese scooter.

In the early years of HaiHao’s research and development team, the company became a pioneer in working with local technological universities to create a patented advancements for scooter-oriented countries using their innovative products.

The collaboration’s successes soon led to the creation of over 10 patented designs including the ‘Portable Visor Wiper’ for motorcycle and scooter helmets, which was widely received with critical acclaim from customers residing in scooter-based tropical countries. Customers of HaiHao include Asia as well as Central and South American countries with high population densities that require scooters to commute to and fro with maximum ease and accessibility.

With some countries that are constantly wet with rainfall, and some countries with populations so large that riding can be dangerous, the company has launched two new lines of motorcycle and scooter helmets for 2014: the ‘Double Lens Event Data Recorder Helmet’ and the ‘Visor Wiper Event Data Recorder Helmet.’ Both helmets are reinforced and strengthened for safety of riders and installed with direct USB ports to allow immediate access to recorded information. The company has also researched and upgraded the shock resistance in both helmets to not only protect the personal safety of riders but the recorded information as well.

With the positive feedback received thus far, HaiHao wishes to advance its products further in the future, including the development of 3G and 4G services that will sync with mobile devices for instant road assistance and GPS convenience for the benefit of customers.

[Source: Motorcycle Taiwan 2014/TaiwanTrade]


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