Chian-Yie Industrial Co. Ltd.

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TAIPEI, Taiwan, 9 April 2014 —— Chian-Yie Industrial is a company that follows the natural human pursuit of freedom and devotes itself to the industry of motor repair and modification.

From a small repair shop, Chian-Yie has cultivated the experience necessary to develop original products with a brand name – NCY.

The company focused on designing brake discs and front forks in the beginning. During development of the design team, the company always applied its philosophy of quality, continual improvement and customer satisfaction to ensure that NCY delivered the best products to its customers. Currently, NCY has already developed several patented products and is making efforts to advance new innovative products.

With their stellar development team, Chian-Yie Industrial produces the best motor power and energy-saving products. In response to growing environmental concerns, NCY combines all FI systems and develops the whole engine power set including Air Cleaners, Air Cleaner Connectors, Throttles, Intake Manifolds, Fuel Injectors, Air Fuel Ratios, etc. New products include brake systems, front forks, shock absorbers, exhaust pipes, oil coolers and electronic fuel injection systems.

One of the company’s exclusive designs is ‘Relieve RPM Air-Fuel Ratio Adjuster Set, which will enable oil supply functions to continue working after oil return in acceleration. This makes it less likely for two-wheeled vehicles to stall. In addition, with respect to rider convenience, the product was designed with a system that is easy to install and adjust.

Other specialised products are only available via NCY, including a throttle that can increase the input of air to enhance the performance of the engine, as well as an FI Bore Up Intake Manifold that allows for more smooth air circulation.

All in all, NCY is a company that worships the sense of freedom that comes with riding a motorbike and wants to share this feeling with all of their customers.

[Source: Motorcycle Taiwan 2014/TaiwanTrade]


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